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After watching/listening on radio to the tragedy in our nation’s capital Wednesday afternoon, attributed by many to the after-effects of Trump’s one-hour, rambling speech filled with the same baseless allegations and conspiracy theories, his call to action against the election and after all hell broke loose, his subsequent “you have to go home now” Twitter message (in which he still claims that the election was stolen), I’m confounded on one hand, grateful on the other and hopeful in both. 

Confounded that so many have bought into the conspiracy theory that the election was rigged and stolen even after staunch Trumpists in several battleground states have said otherwise.  

Confounded that even in those states where Republicans flipped seats, the “rigged and stolen” mantra is still applied.  

Confounded that even though the Trump justice department said they had no evidence of widespread voter fraud, he and his minions and some spineless politicians continue this charade.  

Confounded that elected officials who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution are perpetuating these debunked theories – most, it appears, in an effort to retain the support of the Trumpists for their own future political benefit.  

Confounded for so many reasons that it would take many pages to cite them all. 

Grateful that by a clear majority, American voters decided to get rid of this cancer on our democracy.  

Grateful that Trump, the “very stable genius,” by encouraging his base not to vote in a “rigged system” helped the voters of Georgia shift power away from the Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed “grim reaper” by electing the Democratic candidates.  

Grateful that staunch Republicans in some of the swing states spoke truth to power by defending the legitimacy of their state’s voting process.   

Grateful that for once, Vice President [Mike] Pence also spoke truth to power in an interview regarding his role in the electoral vote certification and then followed through by certifying the electoral votes. 

I’m hopeful that justice is served in terms of prosecuting those who clearly broke the law that day  – including, if the facts warrant it, the soon to be former President for inciting this violence and insurrection.  

I’m also hopeful that voters, in 2022, remember (which is unlikely) the actions of their “representatives” in the House and Senate and give the boot to those who are trying to capitalize on Trumpism. 

I predicted this – I worried about this – and in two weeks, I pray that our country can put this all behind us.  But – the curtain isn’t down on this act and Trump still has power, so I’m sleeping still with one eye open. 

Jim Gehris 



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