On behalf of the Fauquier Youth Orchestra, I would like to thank the people of Warrenton and beyond who turned out in person, online and in spirit to our recent season finale concert with the Mark Wood Experience at The Gloria Faye Dingus Music Alliance, a.k.a. Gloria's in Old Town Warrenton.  

I know firsthand that this area is a hotbed of musical talent and appreciative music fans, but I had not witnessed such an outpouring of support for young local musicians since moving to Warrenton nearly 10 years ago. And as I have told my players many times, there are few things more musically satisfying than being a local musician performing for an adoring (and vocal) local crowd.  

Our instructors Laura O'Konski and Laura Ibrahim work tirelessly and selflessly to prepare our students to perform in all settings, whether it be a wedding or in Saturday's case, a full-on rock show. Much love and appreciation to our departing founder and excecutivedirector, Diana Traietta, for giving this nearly 30-year music educator an exciting and rewarding opportunity, and kudos to our incumbent executive director Tara Planeta for bringing new and exciting plans and concepts to our organization.  

None of this would be possible without the generosity of Tim Dingus and his phenomenal staff at Drum & Strum Music Center in Old Town Warrenton for providing us with a forever home and a stunning local venue. We can't wait to see you all again next season. 
Craig Dye  
Fauquier Youth Orchestra  


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