I’m 88 years old and have lived in Fauquier County all of my life. As a business owner since 1966 when I opened my hardware store, followed later with my furniture business where I still work daily, I have known many of our sheriffs. And as a former county supervisor, I have worked closely with some. Unequivocally, Bob Mosier has been the best sheriff of Fauquier County I have seen in my lifetime, and has accomplished more in three years than some sheriffs have in over 20. 

Some say that being a successful sheriff requires the backing of a strong political party. It’s not about politics. If you’ve got a good sheriff, you know it; don’t mix it up with political stuff.   

Being a successful sheriff requires strong leadership, a powerful outreach effort that connects with all of the people, and community presence. Sheriff Mosier is all of those things.   

He has reorganized a sheriff’s office that is streamlined, well-trained in new investigative techniques and is confronting crime, especially drug crime with impressive results … you’ve read about the impressive drug busting and arrests statistics in Fauquier in the past three years.     

And you also have witnessed Sheriff Mosier’s outreach and community presence.   

He is seemingly everywhere, and my friends and customers have noticed He gets around to see the people that is very important. He frequently hosts town hall meetings throughout the county.   

You see him at other community events, VFW and American Legion functions (I’m a member of both, so I know), churches (both black and white), First Fridays where he walks and talks with locals, holiday parades, our schools. (Have you read about his hosting a student lunch outreach?) He restarted the Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Explorer Program, missing for many years in Fauquier County – an outreach effort that helps develop character, leadership and life skills in young men and women. 

Sheriff Mosier’s opponent dismisses his presence as just seeking face time with the community. You’re darn right he does! He’s connecting with the people face-to-face, asking questions about their concerns, answering questions about crime prevention, safety, how critical trends affect their lives. He doesn’t sit behind his office desk all day … he wants to be visible and he does connect. He’s down to earth and approachable. People are comfortable walking up to him.  I’ve never seen a sheriff in our county so willing to engage its citizens. 

He’s increased the number of deputy positions in the Sheriff’s Office, increased deputy base salaries, increased patrols, and doubled the number of speeding ticket citations 

His opponent was quoted as saying, “the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office has needlessly increased the amount of speeding and traffic tickets …” I don’t get that one. If you can slow down the speeders, you reduce accidents and fatalities that are on the rise regionally. That’s just common sense.  And by the way, drug traffickers are often connected with speeding. So, you get a bonus that is helping to increase drug arrests. It’s all good. 

I stated that Bob Mosier has done much in his first three years. He got our sheriff’s office accredited in his first effort. His opponent said to Fauquier Times last August, “It’s not worth it. You don’t get anything for it it’s nothing.” I think Bob’s opponent needs to do a little more research on what accreditation does for law enforcement. It’s a big deal. 

There’s an old expression, “You don’t change horses in mid-stream.” We’ve got a great sheriff with a very impressive list of accomplishments. Let’s not change sheriffs now. The winner of this primary will face no opposition in the November election.  So please, it’s important that you join me at the primary on June 11 and re-elect Bob Mosier as our sheriff.   

Jim Rankin 


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Where does Mosier stand with the 2nd amendment? Will he follow the constitution?

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