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This letter was drafted to the attention of board of supervisors member Chris Butler (Lee District).

Hope this email finds you having some type of a normal life with all that is currently going on in our community with social distancing.

The reason I am writing to you is to express a concern I have about any current proposed real estate tax rate increases or any net increase in taxes based on the homeowner. Every time I read one of our two local papers, someone in our county government is asking for more money in order to the have the latest, greatest and salary increase! All of this on the backs of the homeowner. 

My wife and I each run our own small business in the county and pay taxes to the county every time I open the mail or purchase any supplies from local business. Between insurances I am required to have and the county taxes, the lion share of my profit slips away. We have to live within our means and oftentimes do without the latest and greatest but we still turn out the best service and products that our customers expect. How come our local government seems to not be able to live within their means and always wants more and more. I have also noticed that the school board never seems to give an accurate and detailed account on how they have been spending our money when asked.

Now with the current health situation in our county with business closed, school closed, my neighbors laid off from their jobs, bureaucrats in our local government want more taxes! All the government employees that have been sent home are still collecting a paycheck! When the governor issues an order for business to shut down, the business owner is without income and my fellow bureaucrats are still paid and now wanting more.

I would like to ask you to not consider any increases in the real estate tax rate or any type of net increases in our taxes whether real estate or personal property. Local government cannot live better than the citizens that are required to carry them. That burden is becoming very difficult. 

Thank you for your time.

Edward Fox


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