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The Aleutians were attacked first; and then, Anchorage and Juneau fell. This surprise attack secured the southwestern corner of Alaska for the invadersThe Canadians fortified their western borders and were successful in deterring any loss of territory. This forced the enemy to bypass British Columbia and strike directly at Seattle. The city capitulated after a brief struggle, and the enemy offensive surged through Washington state after linking up with a second invasion force south of Puget Sound.  

The president urged each of the western states to take action, and he would serve as a back-up in Washington, D.C. He assured each of the governors that he was rooting for them. Despite the president’s strong response, the invader had perceived some unpreparedness and decided to turn southeast, aiming for America’heartland.   

The blitzkrieg continued through Oregon and Idaho; then, over the Rockies and into Montana, Wyoming and South DakotaMontana and South Dakota were forced to surrender and signed a peace accord   

The partially occupied states of Alaska, WashingtonOregon, and Wyoming, all declared war, and the president soon followed via TwitterIdaho fought on with a survivalist guerilla campaign without a formal declaration. Nevada, Utah, Western Colorado and North Dakota all declared themselves neutralCalifornia, having secured its northern frontiers, pledged supply assistance to the defenders but didn’t commit support personnel. Eastern Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri hurriedly prepared for the onslaught, but decided not to declare war in the hope that the enemy would negotiate  

As the war persisted; the states, who were resisting, begged the federal government for assistance. The president was decisive and put the vice president in charge. The cost in human life was appalling, but the president’s advisors all assured him that the war was both manageable and spin-able.   

Six months later, as the invaders supply lines became stretched; he abandoned his campaign and withdrew to his strongholds in southwestern Alaska and Seattle. The president declared victory … even holding a national prayer breakfast to commemorate those who had fallen. He told us, “Our martyrs would not be forgotten.” And then, he left early to get in a round of golf before his reelection rally that night. 

The states’ governors heaped praise upon those who served, those who sacrificed, and those who suffered and died. They quoted Churchill, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.” They quoted Lincoln, “… let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds …” And they quoted Trump, “… nobody knew.”  

Of course, none of the above could possibly take place … other than in an alternate reality of one’s dreamsFor npresident would cower from his oath to protect the American people in a time of war. No president would fail to coordinate a national response to our country’s invasion. Npresident would abdicate his leadership responsibilities to state governors in order to deflect blame from his own indecisiveness and ineptitude. And, no president would take credit for others successes; while, at the same time, admonishing them for any failures.   

Instead, wwould expect our president to be vigilant in the safeguard of the American people. We would expect him to recognize an imminent danger and respond with a sense of urgency … an urgency that would mobilize the entire nation to combat a life-threatening realityAnd finally, we would expect him to unite us against this common enemy and not succumb until ultimate victory was obtained.    

We all choose our own realities. Sometimes the choices we face are stark; but hard choices must be made based upon hard truths. Americans best respond when they acknowledge hard truths and confront them with necessary action. This is who we are as a people, and this is what has always sustained us. 

Don Bachmann 







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Hey Bachmann, when you finally wake up from your alternate reality, will you sincerely seek forgiveness for all this nonsense you subject us to?

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