In a recent letter to the editor, I asked a question of Del. (Michael) Webert (R—18th) and his Republican colleagues in the House of Delegates and the State Senate: “How many innocent people must die before you enact sensible gun safety laws in our state?” In case you’re wondering, the answer is: more. 

In a not-too-surprising move during the House of Delegates Special Session to discuss gun safety concerns, the Republican leadership abruptly ended all debate after 90 minutes.   

Here is how it went: Majority Leader Del. (Todd) Gilbert (R—16th) of Shenandoah made a motion that the House session end and not reconvene until Nov. 18, effectively killing any legislation. Speaker (M. Kirkland) Cox (R—66th) quickly ran through a voice vote without doing a roll call so that Republicans could avoid any actual record of how they voted in relation to gun violence. Is this our democracy at work? 

Schoolchildren cower in their classrooms during active shooter drills. People suffer anxiety when they set foot in a shopping mall or yoga studio, not to mention just going to their workplace. We worry that someone with an assault rifle might just show up for that Bible study class we attendThe Republican leadership kowtows to the big money gun lobbyists and extremists who want more destructive and decisive killing weapons with no restrictions or reasonable justification beyond “it’s my Second Amendment right. 

Don’t buy into the tired adage, “People kill people, guns don’t kill people.” Guns do kill people and enacting gun safety measures will help keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of predators. As I recently heard candidate Jess Foster (D – 88th District) say, “That’s exactly right! Guns don’t kill people, people kill people (with guns) which is why we need to regulate human behavior to ensure that the wrongpeople don’t have access to guns.” 

When you vote this November, and vote you must, keep in mind that the starting point for any sensible gun safety legislation is communication and collaboration. The current Republican leaders have demonstrated their cowardice and do-nothing approach to protecting Virginia citizens and communities. We need representatives who are willing to discuss, debate and work across the aisle to enact sensible laws. I pray that no one else must succumb to gun violence before that happens. 

Kathryn Kadilak 

The Plains 

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Here is one of those stories the intrepid journalists never get to - or bother - to print.


More idioic ideas to stop shootings. How many laws are there? How many are broken or ignored? How will more laws will make us safer? How many shootings have taken place in GUN FREE ZONES? The logic of the liberal mind is baffling. The one thing liberals never understand is that we are NOT all the same. Mankind has never achieve Utopia and never will. Their hardworking Americans and Americans that want a hand out. Their are Americans that abide by the law and some that dont. Until mankind can determine for certainty if your a criminal or not good people will be murdered . Removing my rights WILL not fix the problem. To stop traffic deaths we don't outlaw cars, that would be insane. Yet that insanity is used against gun owners. You want to curtail violence? Then start by reintroducing morality and being responsible for your actions. Allow law abiding citizens the opportunity to protect them selves one others at the same time.


Tell the people who lost their loved ones through killings, especially those killed with assault weapons. Like cigarettes, the proliferation of guns will take generations to drain the swamp of millions of guns in our society. What happens next is invention of more lethal weapons on the street, in the name of being a good patriot (barf)

Tell It Like It Is

Here we go again with the Fauquier Times one sided gun debate articles and opinions. The Times papers have an anti-gun, liberal agenda .... Period. I'm just waiting for the next time they ask for ad dollars! They won't get a dime from me!


Holy smokes. Reading this opinion is like listening to fingernails scratching across a chalkboard. What a hysterical diatribe. My only substantive comment is, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to vote for those candidates that support the most conservative ideology.


Why do you blame republicans for democrat violence?

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