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LETTER: Critical race theory and social engineering: Exactly who is being engineered?

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LETTER: A letterbox with the inscription Letter to the editor

I read an opinion piece by conservative luminary Marc Thiessen in the Washington Post, who quotes the conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute’s new study on CRT (critical race theory). Thiessen strings together a lot of scary, slippery-slope, crack-pot theories, but that’s his right. I followed his screed by reading the AEI’s research on CRT. That’s a lot of reading, and being intellectually lazy, I hate to read. I’m sorry to say I did not do any research using Facebook, Twitter or any of my friend’s blogs.

You know what I didn’t find in the AEI study? The names of the public schools or public school districts in which CRT is actually being taught. Sure, they talk about legislation, but not one public school in one public school district that teaches CRT. Why? I’m a curious fellow, and although I’d like to know why the AEI did not do this research, folks around here might not be so inclined. I get it — I guess that makes me one of those “Sheeple.”

I would like to know which public schools are teaching CRT, and how it is affecting the students in those public schools. Where are these public schools? Does the Fauquier County School Division teach CRT? In David Jeck’s opinion piece he says plainly and clearly: "Moreover, FCPS does not advocate for, endorse, support, or include CRT in any part of our curriculum.” Isn’t anyone curious to know if the superintendent of our schools is lying or misleading us, or are you OK with just pointing the finger because you read a blog or saw someone’s post?

I saw a comment on a previous letter to the editor regarding CRT, ”Saying critical race theory isn't being taught is extremely misleading.” Using vox populi as an argument booster did not win me over. Why does the poster think that the letter to the editor is misleading? Isn’t anyone curious? Maybe it’s just me being a lib, getting owned.

Maybe, just maybe, someone is lying to or misleading me (and the poster I quoted above). I don’t know about you, but if someone is lying to me (Let alone about CRT), I want to know. Don’t you? It should be the job of a newspaper to help correct the record. I pose the following questions to the Fauquier Times:

  1. Is CRT being taught in public schools in the U.S.A.?
  2. Is CRT being taught in Fauquier public schools? If so, did David Jeck lie to or mislead us?
  3. If CRT is not being taught in public schools, who in fact is lying to or misleading us?
  4. CRT was part of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s campaign. If CRT is in fact not being taught, did he mislead us? Has Gov. Ralph Northam been lying to us about CRT?
  5. Could it be possible, courses on CRT in U.S. colleges and universities are being conflated with public elementary and secondary school education in order to scare people into believing something that is not true? Why would someone do this?

Now I might not have the critical thinking skills some of the posters that responded to my last letter to the editor do, but I’ll try and be better. Facts are facts, but truth is usually a nuanced thing.

—Andrew Herstek


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