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Policies and statements from our federal government over the past two weeks have confirmed that this pandemic is no longer primarily a scientific or medical crisis; it’s a moral crisis. Our national leaders are aware of comprehensive protocols involving testing, tracing and isolation that have dramatically reduced the mortality and infection rates in other countries, but they are choosing not to implement them in a systematic way. The states, localities and individual homes are doing what we can, but we need national leadership as we do with any national crisis. 

We are all aware of the undeniable questions, problems, mishaps, instances of misbehavior, etc. that complicate our understanding of and response to the virus. But they are all secondary to the primary issue—our federal government’s response is not an all-out “war” to protect the health and economy of our country. 

Since this is a moral crisis, the silence from the religious community as our death rate approaches 100,000 is deafening. 

Scott Christian 


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It certainly is a moral crisis. When a governor who brags about murdering babies, wears KKK regalia and publicly struts around taking selfies with no mask and no 'social distancing', yet strongarms local businesses into enforcing his idiotic ideas, we are bereft of morals.


Can you cite a source for any of you outrageous lies? Your president gets away with lies on a daily basis, I am calling you out for yours.

Cameron Jones

The federal government has imposed no restrictions, nor prevented the states from implementing whatever they thought was necessary. This is consistent with a little thing that makes America different from any country in the history of the world; our Constitution. If you have a beef with something that has or has not been done, then you need to address these failings or over reaches with your Governor.


It is reported that at least 60% of the social media commentary on Covid is from bots from China and Russia whose goal is to keep the chaos and controversy among Americans strong, Instead of telling me this is wrong, look it up my friends....


Your ignorance is astounding.

"Reported" by whom? Breitbart, tRump*, Faux Noise, Newsmax, Alex Jones, Limbaugh, Hannity...

Please go to the next tRump* rally without a face mask and be sure to lick the tRumpies on both sides of you!

Why don't you look it up for once


I had hoped when I saw the headline that, finally, someone else was seeing past the short-term medical problem of the pandemic to the long-term crisis created by the quarantine. Apparently, not. Apparently, the author only wanted to take a swipe at churches who have stepped up in many ways during this crisis to support individuals and communities -- the most visible being the work of Samaritan's Purse in New York City for which they received no praise, only complaints from the LGBTQ community because that was obviously the issue at the forefront of the Coronavirus crisis. I'm not sure what else the writer wants the church to do other than continuing to feed the hungry and clothe the poor while our country faces economic collapse and provide medical care and friendly, socially distanced visitors to those who are ill. Perhaps the problem is that we should just be waiting for the government to tell us more about what we can and cannot do.


What works for New York doesn't necessarily work for South Dakota. That's why we're The United *States* of America, a democratic *republic*.

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