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While many of our family, friends, and neighbors are denied paid sick time because their employer is either too small (less than 50 employees) or, yes, too large (think Walmart, CVS, Citibank, Exxon) and wondering where their next meal will come from … President Trump and our congressional representatives are seriously considering bailouts for the airline, hotel, and cruise industries. The bailout will cost taxpayers over $50 billion. 

These are the same organizations that impose Draconian rules on customers to pinch every penny out of us that they can. The airlines are infamous for gouging us on ticket prices, baggage fees and other arbitrary expenses while providing service that is sometimes uncomfortable and unpredictable.  

Remember when our government bailed out Wall Street and the banks in 2008? They received a combined total of $45 billion in taxpayer dollars, while they bankrupted AmericansDid folks who couldn’t pay their mortgages get a bail out?  No, they got an eviction notice and foreclosure.   

There should be no bailouts for the airline and travel industry. Let the CEOs and other corporate officials in those companies do the hard work of surviving this pandemic like the rest of us must. No matter what your political affiliation, I hope you will join me in calling our representatives in Congress to say, not this time!  

Kathy Kadilak 

The Plains 

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Big corporations do handle a lot of money. They also employ thousands of people. CEO'S can make plenty of money, but you get what you pay for. I take it your not a CEO. Capitalism is based on who can get the job done efficiently and at minimum cost. If you don't like how things are done then start your own company and do it better. That's what made this country great. I must point out you have the right to spend your money anywhere you want. If enough don't like what a company is charging they stop buying from them, then the company goes away, Capitalism! You must understand the interconnection between business. Airlines need ground support, airports, maintenance, fuel, food service, air traffic control, cans and rental cars, the list goes on and on. So you think bailing out the airlines is a bad idea then what are you going to tell the tens of thousands of support people that will also become unemployed. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Many of these "big bad" corporations are working with governmental agencies to help others. If I had to guess, i would say your a Democrat. If so you must be pretty upset that the Democrats have used this crisis to advance their agenda and ignore the American citizens. Kinda like the way you feel about " Big Businesses "


As usual, you defend corporate America, and despise “socialism” even though it steals from you daily in the form of corporate bailouts. Do us all a favor and look up the definition of “socialism”…those are your tax dollars (not tRump’s) funding the “too big to fail industries”. BTW, we’ve bailed them out before.

tRump is the king of corporate socialism. Your grammar and spelling indicate that you are indeed one of tRump’s reliable, uneducated, deplorables…you even embrace the term.

Problem is, you are precisely why tRump loves you…clueless and gullible. Capitalism is NOT “based on who can get the job done efficiently and at minimum cost”. Ever heard of Halliburton?

Do you know the definition of the term, monopoly…no, not the game. It’s what happens when the power players keep their fingers on the scale and other players are knocked off the playing field.

Trickle down is what happens when a dog urinates on a fire hydrant. We have seen what trickle down does; gives big Pharma, Wall St., big oil, insurance companies, etc. massive bonuses for their CEOs and the opportunity for stock buy backs on our dime, which they jump on.

How about something for Americans, for a change? Oh, wash your hands, tRump says we will have done a good job if we only lose 100,000 American lives.


I agree but it appears Pelosi didn't get your message.

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