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In my 30-year Army career, those who impressed me most clearly stated their objectives and then successfully accomplished them. In the military, this is known as “walking the talk.” Equally important was how well these leaders achieved their goals. It seems to me that these considerations are equally applicable to politicians, especially those who aspire to be president. President [Donald] Trump’s record is clear; he does what he says he is going to do, and he has achieved unprecedented success on multiple fronts.  

Here are but a few of his accomplishments: 

  • Built the most robust economy in generations by implementing business and personal tax cuts that resulted in unparalleled job growth and record low unemployment. 

  • Slashed government regulations strangling the economywhich unleashed innovation and entrepreneurship, returned manufacturers to the U.S.and improved profitability of U.S. companies.  

  • Achieved energy independence – making America the world’s leading energy producer  and enabled energy producers to innovate in ways that significantly reduce carbon emissions. 

  • Confronted China’s trade abuses and re-negotiated trade deals with Japan, South Korea, Mexico and Canada, which are delivering fair and reciprocal trade. 

  • Has vastly improved conditions in the Middle East by overturning the Iran deal; defeating ISIS; brokering the Abraham Accords peace deal between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain; and solidifying our relationship with Israel by moving our embassy to Jerusalem. 

  • Made major investments in our defense capabilities and sponsored the largest military pay raise in a decade. These actions will greatly improve the U.S.’s defense posture versus countries that threaten the U.S.’s national interests – such as China, Iran, and Russia. 

  • Built or rebuilt 400 miles of border wallcurbed illegal immigration, and challenged Democrats to reform laws that incentivize illegal immigration. 

  • Nominated and confirmed more conservative judgesincluding Justices [Neil] Gorsuch and [Brett] Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, than any other first-term president. Judge Barrett promises to be his third justice, which will give judicial originalists the decisive vote 

  • Eliminated the Obamacare individual mandateenabling the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act – which is neither affordable nor provides an improvement in medical care. 

  • Tackled neglected issues such as human trafficking and criminal justice system reform, both of which are important to minority communities. 

  • Has fought hard to prevent the erosion of our basic rights under the First, Second and Fourth Amendments. 

Many people I’ve had conversations with over the past few weeks tell me that they won’t vote for him because he has an unpleasant personality, is confrontational, or tweets too much.”  

To them, I ask“Who would you rather have as president, Donald Trump, a man who does what he says he will do or Joe Biden, who fails to state his policy goals unequivocally, routinely reverses himself on previous positions, or arrogantly tells us, You don’t have the right to know my position before I’m elected.’?” 

My vote is for President Trump – and for “deeds, not words.” 

About the author:  Col. Tim Hoffman (U.S. Army, Retired) is a West Point graduate, a career Army officer who served in command and staff positions at all levels in the Army and an Iraq veteran.  After retiring he served in the Bush and Obama administrations as a senior executive in the civil service. During his service in OSD, he had responsibility for a variety of policy portfolios in the strategy, operational planning, and security cooperation realms.

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Thank you for your clearly stated letter supporting the President and his administration. Salute.

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