I find it interesting that there was an article in the same issue of the Fauquier Times that the opinion page “It’s past time to discuss reasonable gun laws” where I raised a number of questions that should be answered in reducing gun violence and poked at the governor’s (Ralph Northam’s) stated goals to reduce gun crime in Virginia. In that same issue, there was an article under public safety section where the Virginia State Police report that there was a 2 percent decline in violent crime in 2018.  

Well a lot has transpired since then, including Mr. Selbo’s response.   

Gov. Northam made an appearance at the Virginia Boys State session and was questioned about his proposed policies. https://www.roanoke.com/news/nrv/northam-embraces-gun-debate-at-boys-state/article_453bf521-7b56-5945-93dc-cc55195c8ed3.html 

He was asked about suppressors or silencers:“The assailant used a silencer, a suppressor. Why do you think he did that?” Northam countered from the stage.The student, standing away from the microphone, said quietly, “So nobody could hear him.” 

It is interesting that people, including our governor and most people assume that you cannot hear gunshots when a suppressor is used.  The following link is for a CDC report that included peak sound pressure levels and the utility of suppressors in reducing those sound levels. 

It is clear that suppressors do no completely reduce sounds of gunshots but reduces then to safer sound levels, they are still very loud and can be heard; in fact, the officers that entered the secure facility in Virginia Beach could still hear the gunfire.  What we see in movies and TV is not reality and should not be the basis for decision-making. To purchase a suppressor involves three different background checks, fingerprints taken, a current photograph supplied and takes 8 to 12 months to complete the transfer 

Additionally, he questions the effectiveness of “good guys with a gun” to reduce violence. We only need to look at what happened at the STEM school South of Denver to realize that the armed SRO on campus was able to subdue one of the armed students, that sheriff deputies arrived on the scene within two minutes and that the second attacker was subdued within a classroom, unfortunately a student died.  

I suggest that interested readers look at the following web site for extensive information regarding gun crime. https://crimeresearch.org. 

This last weeks Democrat debates should leave no doubt as to the party’s direction on gun ownership. Additionally, we should look at what has happened or will be happening in some Democrat-controlled cities: 

  1. Baltimore,  

  1. Boston, no more arrests for shoplifting and other crimes 

  1. Chicago, kick the criminals loose when caught with a gun 

  1. Portland, let antifa Fascists riot at will 

  1. Queens, New York, probable new district attorney wants to close down New York City’s jail with no replacement.Where will the criminals go?  

  1. Fresno California city counsel is evaluating paying gang members not to fire their guns; gang member are not allowed to possess guns.  

And the list goes on.  

I suggest that our readers and legislators look at the questions that were raised in June 12 letter to the editor as answers there can aid in determining a reasonable course in reducing gun violence. 

John Maxwell 





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Democrats are afraid to reveal their true agenda. They know if they come out and tell America what they plan, not one person would be elected. Democrats hide behind conservative slogans, once elected do as they please. They lie to frightened people and tell them that once all guns are illegal we can finally have Utopia. Tell the people of Chicago that works, or Baltimore. Ask yourself, why are ALL mass shootings in GUN FREE ZONES. Because the shooter knows he can have free reign for at least a few minutes. We have all seen in the news that their is a radical faction in government. A faction that refuses to have a discussion with any opposing ideas. They attack conservative voters, they push for socialism, they want to legalize many illegal activities. They want to give our country away and make citizenship a nothing. They attack the President and lie about what he is doing to promote America. In short we are in danger of actually having a tyrannical government. One election away from radicals being in charge. The New Green Deal, open borders, health care for ALL, doing away with ICE, and severe restrictions on police and don't forget those cities and states that refuse to obey OUR LAWS. My gun and the millions of people like me keep the anarchists at bay. Go ahead and try to repeal the Second Amendment. We are the Militia and our uniform is that of ordinary citizens that still believes in Truth, Justice and the American way.


It's time to repeal and replace the 2nd Amendment. Gun ownership should be an earned privilege, not a right.


There is a process for that. Good luck.


Northum is a piece of work, isn't he? His AG is a black face afficianado, his lt gov has rape charges, and he has posed in KKK robes as 'coonman' What a paragon of virtue.

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