Thank you for your story on Fauquier’s climate gathering in Rady Park on Friday (“Fauquier Held Its Own Climate Change Rally in Rady Park Friday,” Sept. 22).   

It was important because it was Fauquier County (not D.C. or NYC), and those of us who participated in the rally represent many different perspectives and approaches to climate change:  long-time residents, newcomers, conservatives, progressives, church members, economists, engineers, teachers, security experts, gardeners, moms, software programmers, and, yes, one dog (Rowdy, the goldendoodle). 

Some of us are responding to climate change “from the heart,” and with a spiritual message, while others of us are working hard to build bipartisan support for a powerful market-based, economic solution that both conservatives and progressives support, along with much of the business community. 

To your readers: We know we are not alone. We know that even in Fauquier County concern is growing about the risks that climate change presents and the changes that are already happening.  We hope you will consider learning more and getting involved in one of our groups: Citizens Climate Lobby, the Fauquier Climate Change Group, Women for Conservation, Communities of Peace, St. James' Episcopal Church Green Team and the Piedmont Environmental Council.   

A special note to your readers who are conservative: Climate change does not have to be a leftward march. We need your help to adopt a bipartisan national policy, that relies on the marketplace, that will drive private sector innovation, that gives citizens and households choices, that will generate jobs and be good for the economy. It’s called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), and it has over 60 sponsors in the House. It has the support of many conservative groups and individuals, including George Schulz, who was always at the right hand of Ronald Reagan in economic and policy matters. Our own Congressman, Rep. Denver Riggleman, has met with us and genuinely appreciated the principles and approach of our bill.   

As Adam Rossi said at the Fauquier climate rally on Friday, “What gives us hope is the ability to act.”  We hope you will act, and join us.   

Cindy Burbank 

Member of the Conservative Caucus 

Citizens Climate Lobby 


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It's good to see people both on the left and the right embracing the seriousness of the climate.


Conscientious liberals battle climate change with SUVs, private jets, mansions, yachts and tear laden protests. They just KNOW their humongous carbon trail is justified by their pure intentions.


Why are you always so sadly predictable in your extreme right responses, regardless of the issue? The vast majority of us neither have , nor engage in what you accuse us of. We are capable of assimilating information and making our own decisions, unlike like you and your pitifully uninformed ilk.


I notice you are unwilling, or unable, to prove me wrong.


I'm sure all good intentions are for helping with climate change, etc, but the truth be known, the following countries all contribute to the CO2 emissions and unless all of these countries work together, the efforts of one country will not make a difference in the overall picture....China.

United States.

European Union.





South Korea.


Nice letter but what are you doing? The climate is controlled by the energy from the Sun. How can we control that? What if it goes out?


You gotta be joking haha.


No, unfortunately, he's not. That is actually the level of their 3rd grade education and intellect.


Prove him wrong. Instead of making puerile accusations.

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