I have read two letters to the editor in the last two weeks offering alarmist viewpoints on late-term abortion legislation using the term “infanticide” in a completely irresponsible manner. Truly, even the phrase “late term abortion” is factually inaccurate. In researching the topic, I found that, in the world of obstetrics, there really is no such thing as a late term abortion – there are abortions that occur later in a pregnancy and they are very rare. 

Nationally, less than 1 percent of all abortions are later in a pregnancy and they are considered medically necessary. This would mean that there is a very significant risk of the mother dying or there is a tragic, developmental anomaly that would result in a fetus either dying in utero or at birth. Examples include, fetuses who have no brains or ones whose organs are outside of their bodies. 

A decision to terminate a later term pregnancy is not one that people make in a spontaneous, carefree fashion and to falsely portray it as such is cruel. Who are we to impose our philosophical or theological beliefs on these anguished families? Why wouldn’t we support legislation that would leave these heart-wrenching choices to the parents and their medical advisor?

If a baby is born “late term,” before the full 40-week gestation period and as early as 23 weeks, it is a premature birth and the baby’s medical care is determined by the physician and the parents. There are no “abortions” when the fetus or baby is viable. Period.

The letter writers no doubt consider themselves “pro-life.” I really dislike that terminology because it flies in the face of reality – for pro-life is strictly pro-birth. The individuals who proudly carry this label broadly vote for politicians who do not support the very domestic programs that would help families, particularly disadvantaged ones, with child care, health care, Head Start, affordable post-secondary education, and job training initiatives. They see no contradiction in supporting politicians who are against gun safety laws.

It is so easy to rally for a cause when you have no stake in the outcome or responsibility for the consequences. I support the proposed legislation that would allow Virginia residents to make the deeply painful decision to terminate a pregnancy later in gestation with the guidance of their medical professional. It is their choice to make, not mine.

Kathryn Kadilak

The Plains

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The true attack on women is transgender males taking all the women's records away in sports......


Finally, a factually accurate and honest piece on this difficult topic. Women have made enormous advances toward achievement of individual freedom since 1973, and I fear that for many people, the attack on abortion is part of an attempt to roll back that progress so that the traditional male dominated order can be protected. As a man who knows men, I can tell you that there would be no debate on this topic if men could get pregnant.


Nothing says freedom like the ability to commit murder with no penalties.


The real issue is unprotected sex when the goal is not to create another human being, but for having pleasure, assuming it's two consenting adults. It's a lot cheaper to prevent and the moral issue is gone......


You can use whatever weasel words you want to describe murder it is still murder of a human being.


When the writer stated, “ there are no abortions when the fetus or baby is viable” shows her ignorance on the issue. She obviously supports Governor Northam’s position that when a baby is born alive (not killed) in a botched abortion, the baby would be kept comfortable until a decision is made by the mother and doctor. Meaning that the decision could be to keep the baby alive or allow it to die.
She goes on to show how how wide her ignorance is when she states that those of us who are pro life, do not support domestic programs that help disadvantaged families with child care, healthcare, Head Start, affordable post secondary education and job training initiatives and then continues with pro life persons support politicians who are against gun safety laws, whatever gun safety laws means.
I’m surprised she didn’t accuse us of not liking puppies.


'Gun safety' laws are a puerile attempt by the anti constitutionalists to cover up their evil agenda.

When you propose to these people a return to Project Exile, which really did save lives, put criminals in prison and had no affect on law abiding gun owners, you get blank stares and drool.

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