It has been my privilege over the course of a 40-year career to work with many federal, state and local law enforcement officers. Those relationships came about as a result of my serving as a front line federal prosecutor, and as the Deputy Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department’s number two official in charge of all its operations, including the FBI, DEA and all federal prosecutors. Finally, I served as Acting Attorney General under the late President George H. W. Bush. Those roles involved extensive one-to-one work with police chiefs, sheriffs, state police officials and other law enforcement leaders all over the country.  

Based on that experience, I can confidently share with you my view that we are lucky to have a consummate professional like Bob Mosier as sheriff in our county. I am not a retiree from the city, just looking for law and order. I am still working in the legal system and actively farming in the county as well. I know what it means to all of us to have a sheriff that knows how to run a good department, one with great morale among the men and women who are looking out for our safety every day. Bob is doing that, and more.  

Our schools, where one of my daughters teaches every day, are safer on account of Bob’s initiative and the good work his people are doing every day to promote school safety. Our towns and rural areas are better off because Bob has tackled the terrible problems of addiction and drug trafficking head on. Driving on our roads is safer because Bob has taken the initiative to undertake sensible traffic enforcement.  

In short, our Sheriff is making the quality of life in our county better through his leadership and hard work. I am sure we have one of the best there is leading our county law enforcement efforts. I urge you to go out and vote for Bob to show our thanks for the job he is doing and our confidence in him and his great people going forward.  

George J. Terwilliger III 



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