Our county needs leadership. I am ready to help deliver it as commissioner of the revenue. 

Preserving Fauquier County’s greatest qualities while building a sustainable future requires elected officials with vision. From our state delegate and senator to our sheriff to our school board to even, yes, our commissioner of the revenue, our people and businesses deserve leaders who can navigate the future. 

This is why I am running for commissioner of the revenue to succeed Ross D’Urso, who has endorsed my candidacy. If elected, I will focus most on my core duty to “provide efficient and effective taxpayer services through diligent and careful maintenance of taxpayer records,” as required.  

I know that my extensive experience in managing multi-million-dollar projects and large teams will enable me to do so. 

But I would also go beyond these duties of the job to help chart the future for our county’s youth. I will work with business owners in a multitude of fields and interact with our youth to give them some life lessons and perspective of what path might be best for them to follow. To sustain the elements of our county that we cherish, we must keep talent home to work and live here. 

We to need “Focus for the Future” to ensure Fauquier County’s continued success.  It is the job of civil officers to go above and beyond for the taxpayers. 

If elected, I would work with current staff, businesses and residents to understand the most immediate needs and develop strategic plans to address them. 

As a native of the county, I understand the challenges we face and am passionate about working tirelessly to make this a better place for tomorrow. Through the primary process that I emerged from with roughly 70 percent of the vote, I listened to the voters and heard their problems, ideas and desires. I will continue to listen and work every day for our people. 

Come Nov. 5, the choice is clear: Vote Maybach for commissioner of the revenue. 

Eric Maybach 

Candidate for Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue 


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