I am writing in disagreement to Mr. (Steve) Woodward's opinion in the Fauquier Times July 31. When we first moved to the county in 1986 and built our home, there was no internet service at all. In a few years, there was dial-up through our phone company, and then later in the 2000s we had satellite service with their slow uploads and downloads, with lengthy latency delays, which we still have today.  

Mr. Woodward is wrong. We pay taxes on our home phone service and electricity service which includes federal, state and county. I do not see any difference between these "private utility" companies being subsidized by my taxes, then Fauquier County subsidizing or helping build my internet service.  

In this 21st century, internet service is a necessity just like electricity, phone or any other utility. I pay property taxes just like everyone else in the county, but the county and state of Virginia abandoned our road many years ago through a back-office deal with the land developer, yet in 2007, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors admitted in a board meeting that it was its responsibility to maintain the road, which only has one ingress and egress. To date, nothing has been done.  

The county and state provide our subdivision with no services. No school buses, no road maintenance, no trash service, police and fire only when we call. Our subdivision has only 27 lots, the internet service providers don't think it’s "profitable" enough to give us internet. I, for one, think the county is finally doing something right. Everyone should be able to have fast, reliable internet service in the 21st century; it is a right, not an entitlement.   

James Fox 



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When I was home shopping, I passed on some nicer and more affordable homes because I have to have internet to make a living. So it doesn't seem right to have to subsidize somebody else's poor decision.


It is your right to find a service and pay for it out of your household budget. You are not entitled to nor have the right to expect internet at taxpayer expense.


And where in the constitution is this 'right' enshrined?

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