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This week the U.S. commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII and honors those Americans and what their sacrifices and efforts meant to the world. Our actions in the war gave the U.S. its seat at the head of the international table, showing that it was an ally to be counted on when needed. Todaygiven the current state of affairsI can’t help but think how the world looks at America; the seat at the head of the table is no longer ours. Questioning the importance of NATO, pulling out of the Paris Climate accord, discontinuing funding and collaboration with the World Health Organization, withdrawing from the nuclear arms agreement with Iran, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, to name a few, have left our European and Asia-Pacific allies wondering what will happen next and what it means for the rest of the world. 

The election of Vice President Joe Biden to the presidency will set the U.S. back on a path to return to the diplomatic status it has been known for in previous administrations since 1945. He will also reassure our allies that the U.S. is a partner they can depend on in matters like trade and defense pacts. Biden is a known quantity to U.S. allies, having served as vice president and, before that, on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, itself a reassuring fact for those countries. 

There's not going to be a light switch turned where Biden is going to be able to come in and fundamentally improve ties overnight. In an op-ed for Foreign Affairs at the beginning of this year, Biden himself wrote he would “take immediate steps to renew U.S. democracy and alliances” if elected.  “As president, I will do more than just restore our historic partnerships; I will lead the effort to reimagine them for the world we face today. Working cooperatively with other nations that share our values and goals does not make the United States a chump. It makes us more secure and more successful.”   

This exemplifies Biden’s campaign slogan of Build Back Better and should be kept in mind of voters when they head to the polls on Nov. 3. 

Kirsten King 


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For 8 years the United States apologised for being the world leader. Under the Obama/Biden administration we watched as our president supported socialized medicine, the worst recovery economically, the cataclysmic economic debt more than all other presidents in our history combined, an administration that said " you didn't build that, unprecedented illegal immigration, the inability to defeat ISIS, The Paris peace Accord that severely penalizes the U.S. as compared to other nations.( he got around the TREATY and called it something else because this would have to be approved by congress if considered a treaty) . Obama/Biden signed a worthless deal with Iran that virtually eliminated on the spot inspection of nuclear program and even loaded up planes with CASH in the dead of nite with whoes approval? Then there was Benghazi, a total lie about the killing of 4 Americans. Joe Biden was right there with Obama. How about the bribery of a Nation and the hiring of his son, Biden is also compromised by China and his son's involvement. Under the Obama/ Biden administration DECA was ILLEGALLY conceived creating the DREAMERS. 47 years in government and not one significant program. Biden is a SEGREGATIONIST and a supporter of the KKK thru his admiration of Senator Byrd. Biden has become weak and frail and that's a fact we can all see on TV. AOC admitted he can easily be manipulated and Sanders said he is the most radical candidate for president ever. He has flipped flopped on every important issue in this campaign and his decisions are solely based on poll numbers. He has not DEMONSTRATED his ability to stand up to ANY world leader. His constant "gaffes " are not just simple mistakes but a sign of failing mental capacity. All you need to know is that twice now his campaign has been called " Harris/ Biden. Unfortunately, many people suffer from accepting media lies as facts. Their constant attacks are factless and unsubstantiated. The corrupt media feed its viewers a constant diet of false reporting, omissions of fact and distortions of the truth. If Joe Biden is elected YOU will grow to rue the day you voted for him. Look at the Democrat party, a party that is steeped in Racism. Violence and 2 TIRED JUSTICE, blaming their sins as that of the Republican establishment. Corrupt people always blame their crimes on others and Democratst are no exception. I suggest that all you Biden supporters brush up on what SOCIALISIM is and what it does to a nations economy and it's people. You have a modern example to explore, Venezuela, would be the coming attraction to your neighborhood. Anyone that cant see Joe is a puppet is on a fool's errand. The score card reads this way ... Trump. Promise made, promise kept. Biden. 47 years in government accomplishments "0" . Now he tells you he can fix everything by going back to everything that DIDN'T WORK.


Under Obama and Biden, the US was like the parent that tried to "buy" their kids love as we gave our enemies millions of dollars to like us which didn't work. Under Reagan we bankrupted the Soviet Union which is what today's China and Russia are trying to do to the US.......when it comes to American lives sentiments cannot replace facts


What concerns me as a citizen is how strong our country is, not what other nations think of us. All nations respect strength. The Obama-Biden administrations weakened and divided our country, criticizing law enforcement and resurrecting race issues. Now our Democrat run cities and states literally are burning and becoming dead zones. All nations respect strength. The weakness projected by Democrats is easily perceived by the bad guys around the world. Instead of paying off these rouge state thugs, we need strength internally and externally. Vote for strength and law and order in November. That means a vote for President Trump and all Republican candidates.

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