We are at an interesting crossroads in today’s political environment, where the discussion is to either trample on individual freedoms or to actually mitigate gun violence. Our governor’s stated goals fall under the former and is out of the Democrat Party playbook and would not have stopped the massacre in Virginia Beach or Virginia Tech, or, or, or 

There are a number of questions that need answers before the House of Delegates and Senate start proposing laws.  

  1. Who are committing these crimes? 

  1. Convicted felons or known gang members? 

  1. People new to crime? 

Currently felons are proscribed from possessing guns so why are they still on the street to commit other crimes and how do Virginia criminal codes treat felons in possession of guns? 

  1. Where are the crimes concentrated? 

  1. In urban or rural areas? 

Are gun crimes concentrated in larger urban areas, and if so, how do the courts in those areas treat these criminals? 

  1. Where do those who commit gun crimes get their firearms? 

  1. Are the guns stolen? 

  1. Purchased by the criminal legally at a dealer? 

  1. At specific gun stores? 

  1. Or through straw purchases by affiliates? 

The BATFE has a program called forward trace that can trace a gun to the dealer that sold that it and then the records can be subpoenaed to determine who first legally bought it. It there are straw man purchases being made by affiliates of criminals, what are the Virginia criminal code violations for this activity? It is a federal crime, but not evenly enforced. 

I think if our representatives started with real answers to these questions then we avoid what I call “when in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” That seems to be the current mode of operation in government today. 

John Maxwell 





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I strongly support the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, But I do think commenters here miss the point: Legislating is not a debate tournament. It's all about political power. How many voters are on your side? Right now, that number is dwindling for 2nd Amendment supporters. Indeed, the NRA is in decline from self-inflicted wounds. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can reason your way to the gun laws you want. It's not about reason. It's about political power. Get you some of that. Right now, it's slipping through your fingers.


AmericaFirst, Justin and, Keith.....Thank you for your education on this horrifying subject. Gun shows often do not identify customers buying under a tent. I hope you get religion on banning assault weapons and strict requirements for background checks. Laws vary thru jurisdictions!! We are open carry, but NYC bans guns...so they get their guns from Virginia.....I believe we will soon have atomic powered guns....which of course our founding fathers would include in the 2nd amendment!!!


'gun shows often do not identify customers buying under a tent' It is federal law that any firearms transaction completed by a FFL holder at a guns show, under a tent, or on Mars has to include a successful background check. I hope you get religion - and facts - which you clearly don't have now. I understand your passion, but not your aversion to facts. Buying, stealing, borrowing guns in Virginia and transporting them to NYC violates too many federal and state laws to mention. It seems your beef is with the enforcement of existing laws. Until that happens, do you honestly think newly enacted laws, which will be ignored by criminals will have any effect whatsoever?


So are you saying there is no way a firearm can be purchased legally without a background check?


I didn't say that, did I.


You’ll note that I asked a yes or no question. By your less than straight forward answer I’m assuming that there is a loophole and all this word mincing is irrelevant. The person was arguing for a universal background check. It seems sensible to me that we make it as difficult as possible for the mentally I’ll and criminals to get firearms.


If you wish to make it difficult for mentally ill to obtain guns, get the democrats out of the process. This means the ACLU, among others. Notice how democrats steadfastly refuse to address the criminal aspect of this. NEVER will you see democrats push for draconian penalties for crimes committed with firearms. On the contrary, the former democrat governor, Kaine, shut down Project Exile, which is the only gun control program proven to save lives


Kaine supported project exile when he was mayor (as did many democrats, it was a bipartisan effort) . I can’t find evidence that he ever opposed it, let alone was instrumental in replacing it. Maybe you can help me. Perhaps post a link to your source material?


Ah, the old gun shows are a background check loophole myth. I don’t need to establish any faith in your myths as I understand our existing laws very clearly. If you want to promote these myths as facts, you’ll have to provide evidence.


The number one question for liberal politicians to answer is: How does taking rights away from law abiding citizens deter criminals from committing violent crime?


John Maxwell raises interesting questions. But the concern of many people simply want background checks and prohibit the ownership/use of automatic weapons that can kill 20 people in 20 seconds...…...Most gun owners support these types of controls. The gun lobby does not since they are in business to sell more guns.


Well, Keret, a little research goes a long way. We already have mandatory background checks, and full auto is already out of the reach of the average citizen. There are almost NO crimes committed with full auto weapons. Google class lll license requirements and arm yourself with facts before posting.


Well said AmericaFirst and very succinct. What is frustrating to law abiding gun owners, but perhaps not surprising, is that the liberal myths expressed by Keret continue to persist.


Do you need a background check to purchase a semi-automatic assault rifle at a gun show? Would you like me to show you how to achieve the rate of fire the Vegas shooter had? Well I’d turn you in if you asked me, but you can easily find out on YouTube.



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