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I would like to address a recent article about the books in our school libraries. I have read through the hundreds of comments on this post, and these are my thoughts:

Many people have said “you parent your kids, and I will parent my kids!” I 100% agree with this statement, but to me that is really not the point here. The point is why are some of these books with very sexually graphic content even in the school library for kids (less than 18) to access? Shouldn’t we as parents be holding our schools accountable and not having this content in the schools?

I have seen a lot of the content in these books, and visual depictions of characters who are engaging in oral sex with each other are not appropriate for a school library.

Where is the literary merit in books like that? How is this enriching kids’ lives? If someone can give me a legitimate answer to that, I am willing to listen, but I am not sure there is one.

Secondly, if people get suspended on Facebook for posting it because it’s not appropriate, why is it appropriate in a school library? Honest question …

I have seen comments that they will learn this anyway. Kids will drink, smoke weed and have sex anyway. OK, great, but why should we as parents make it so easy for them? Why can’t we let kids hang onto just a little bit of innocence for a while. Yes, teach them how to become young adults and not shelter them completely, but you don’t have to hand them this stuff on a silver platter at school!

I have seen comments from a local Equity group that the “moms” asking for these books to be reviewed are going after certain groups like LGBTQIA. The bigger question to me would be: Why do authors of these books have such sexually explicit pictures in their books? It’s gross and not appropriate.

I honestly don't care what someone’s sexual preference is or that these books are for kids in that group. Why does there need to be such sexually graphic illustrations? I mean, you can write an inclusive book for these kids without such sexually explicit and pornographic content, right? It’s a bit creepy that authors cater to kids in that manner.

Why do we need to sign something saying kids will not access pornographic material on computers because it violates the schools code of conduct, but they can get sexually explicit materials in the school library?

Could you take one of these books and turn it into a movie and show it to a kid at school?

Teach your children and parent your children your way, but to me the biggest takeaway from this is: Why are we allowing our schools to provide this to kids in the library, and what in the world is it doing to enrich their lives at school. I just don’t get it.

Randi Gladstone


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