Elizabeth Guzman recently sent out an incredibly bad-faith TV hit-ad on D.J. Jordan.  

In what seems to be a long-running platitude among Democratic candidates, their Republican opponents always seem to despise children, or in this case, “neglect” them.  

I think it is amusing that Elizabeth Guzman is trying to claim that a man who has four children (one of which was adopted from a foster care system), serves on the board of directors for Virginia’s Kids Belong (a nonprofit that specifically helps foster children), and has served four years on the State Board of Social Services (which deals specifically with foster children), for some reason loves to neglect children and that “Virginia families can’t trust DJ Jordan.”  

Perhaps if the ad weren't presented in such an overbearingly dishonest fashion it could have had some utility. But its blatant disingenuous nature and attempt to smear Jordan as a child neglecter is quite honestly despicable. 

If Elizabeth Guzman is seeking to bring Virginia families together or unify the county, stoking phony tribal outrage against an honest community member and by association his constituents is probably the worst way to go about that. 

Henry Kokkeler 



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As much as I hate to say it the state will go blue on Tuesday. It sickens me to my core that there are so many people who support a Lying governor, an accused sexual predator as The Lieutenant Governor an admitted racist as the Attorney General and all of their ilk. I pray for a miracle that they lose more of their grip on this state. I love Virginia, if we give these clowns more power we will become California. Vote People vote and vote Republican across the board!!!


That typical attack is now the cornerstone of the Democrat/socialist party, and has been worn out, most voters know the deal.......


Thanks for your letter Henry. Remember not to call Democrats democratic, they are anything but.....

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