I happen to have Wednesdays off and I watched all seven hours of Mr. (Robert) Mueller’s testimonies before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees on July 24. 

We’ve been lied to about the Mueller Report. I’ve read it myself and I am glad Congress and Mr. Mueller helped more Americans hear the truth by discussing the findings on TV. Many Virginians don’t know, for instance, that then-candidate Trump was actively negotiating to build a Trump Tower in Moscow while he was lying to the public, saying over and over again he had “no deals in Russia.” 

He and members of his campaign asked for, welcomed, accepted and used Russia’s assistance during the campaign, although no one in Trump’s campaign assisted in the Russian attacks. Trump engaged in ten obstructive acts regarding the investigation into Russia’s interference in our election. Mueller is by policy not allowed to indict a sitting president regardless of the misconduct he found. These are the major findings of the Mueller Report. 

Mr. Mueller’s report and his sworn testimony states that Russia specifically targeted the Clinton campaign and aided the Trump campaign. The former Special Counsel, combat-decorated United States Marine Corps veteran, Robert S. Mueller III, also told us under oath that the Russians are still today attacking us “even as we sit here today.”

I call upon my representative, Rob Wittman (R, Va.-1) to publicly state whether he approves of the conduct of Donald J. Trump as it is described in the Mueller Report. As constituents, we deserve to know Mr. Wittman’s answer to this question.

I also call upon Mr. Wittman to demand that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stop blocking the House’s bills to beef up security in the 2020 election, or else, to explain to us why he refuses to protect us from ongoing hostile foreign interference.

Heather Trout, DVM


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Linda Ward

AmericaFirst and JustinThyme are unstudied examples of the uneducated that Trump so loves.


Instead of walking through these opinion comments and delivering personal insults, why don’t you use that superior intellect of yours to form your own original, coherent opinion? Given the lack of analytical content in the rebuttals I’ve seen from you, coupled with the syntax and semantic errors, I wouldn’t be suggesting that others exhibit a lack of education if I were you.

Linda Ward

LOLOL, what will be will be. Very cute with the turn of phrase on the name by the way, Just in Thyme.

Linda Ward

Are you making fun of my MCI? "Some causes of memory loss, such as Lyme disease, are reversible with treatment." Worrying about syntax and semantic errors is the least of my problems when writing, not too long ago even spelling simple words was a struggle. Still some days are better then others. You thought I was insulting what someone wrote? Just trying to keep it real.

Linda Ward

It just keeps coming, one disaster after another, most man made and caused by one man and his administration. It's going to be a LONG 15 months until the next election...................

Karen Watson

Dear Dr. Trout,

Thank you for speaking out about the danger that Donald Trump and the Republican party pose to our nation. Attacking the free press, more than 10,000 lies by Trump so far, undermining our health care system, rude treatment of our allies, denigrating immigrants who make our country strong and our economy grow, etc.

You're not going to convince those who idolize Trump and consume a steady diet of grievances but I appreciate your thoughts in this piece and the care you take of our pets. I'm assuming the respondents here work for Whitman or are involved in the Republican Party and feel like these anonymous attacks are going to silence people who are horrified by Trump and the enabling Republicans.

I know doctors and veterinarians can make more money in urban areas so I appreciate the care you took of my dog, Max, and my cat, Tony. Your animal hospital has wonderful staff and you are a warm and caring professional.

Hope you can ignore the critics here who seem only capable of mocking or repeating anti-government propaganda. Good luck with the dogs and cats and the random eagles, snakes, turtles, etc. that come to visit you this week and beyond.


The Mueller report is history and was shown to have been a partisan hack job and is now meaningless. The IG and AG reports are on their way. I can hardly wait.

Mike Rowzee

My back still hurts from Putins gun in my ribs at the voting booth.

Concerned citizen

It is becoming clear that Trump's election has interrupted some well funded and deeply integrated plans to undermine and destroy this constitutional republic. He has shown how much corruption exists on Capitol Hill. For some reason the Democratic party can only bash him instead of promoting their agenda as he did. Perhaps it's because they can't come out and say they are being funded to turn this country into a commie/socialist third world country, in which the rich, ruling, elite class gets wealthierwhile the rest of us struggle tof survive.

And to this post, how come no comments on this part of the Mueller hearing?



Dr. Trout serves this community with skilled and compassionate care for companion animals, irrespective of the political beliefs of their owners. She shared your joy when your family got their first puppy. She helped keep that dog healthy over years. And she cried with you when it was time to make the hard decisions.

As a 32-year veteran of the Intelligence Community, I can assure you that the assessments provided to the President and Congressional leadership proves that Russia has meddled in our elections. The question is, why did Senator Mitch McConnell block a bipartisan statement of that fact prior to the 2016 election? Why is he continuing to block legislation to protect our democratic elections now? And why is the current President denying any malign intent by the Russians (and open to “help” in 2020)?

Critical thinking is a foundational skill in the Intelligence profession. It is essential to acquire information from as many sources as possible and to assess the inherent bias and veracity of those sources in order to understand the real state of play. If you only consume information that confirms your own beliefs, you risk being blindsided by your opponent. In this political realm, we must think critically, seek objective evidence, and beware of any figure who tells us to ignore everyone else and believe only him. And we must demand the same of our elected representatives. Dr. Trout is right to call for Rep. Rob Wittman to follow the evidence and demand action on election security.

To the commenter who wrote Dr. Trout “just alienated half (or more) of your potential client base.” Facts are stubborn things. In the last election 42% of Fauquier County backed Tim Kaine. Almost half of the County is not marching in lockstep with the GOP and the electoral margin is growing slimmer every year.

Karen Watson

Thank you Ms. Grady for serving our country in the Intelligence Community. The work of the IC avoids terrorist attacks, aids our warfighters and helps our democratic allies.

It must be very frustrating for you and your colleagues to see Trump inappropriately criticize democratic-allied nations you have worked with for decades. Trump is embarrassing and unfit.

We deserve better and a member of Congress willing to stand up to him.


What a sad commentary on the supposed professionals who populate our 'intelligence community'

If, in fact, you are a member of that community, you know what would have happened to YOU if you had done what hillary clinton did. You know that had there been a deep state op against obama in the manner that this attempted coup was orchestrated, that Washington would have been in flames.


You strike me as the same kind of partisan intel employee as Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Page. One has already been referred and will be referred again along with the rest of this bunch. You claim that we should consider all sources, but you have conveniently omitted most others except those that play to your narrative.

Karen Watson

Thank you Dr. Trout for serving our feline and canine companions so ably. Vets have very difficult jobs - bites, daily euthanasias with grief-stricken owners and long hours. Many struggle with high vet college debt too. Thank you for serving our rural community where doctors are harder to find.

I read the report and it is clear that Putin’s Russian government aided Trump and hurt Senator Clinton with psychological operations during the election. Russian intelligence agents spread misinformation about her and organized rallies for him.

Trump and his campaign welcomed that help. The stolen DNC materials were used by Russia to help him.

Instead of protesting this propaganda campaign from a hostile foreign government aiming to sow cynicism and discord, the Trump campaign embraced it: — “I love it” - “Russia, if you’re listening”

Russia “interfered in sweeping and systemic fashion” in the election says the report and our own eyes.

A foreign government attacked the factual record on which democracy runs. Then, Trump misused power, told aides to lie, refused to truthfully answer questions and crossed Constitutional boundaries that merit an impeachment investigation.

Democracies are fragile; we need to oppose the propaganda and idol worship in today’s Republican Party.


Dr Trout is absolutely correct. It is sad to see people who can’t bear the truth about the most mendacious man to ever hold the office of president. The only reason that he has mot been indicted is because of the DOJ policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted. The Mueller Report cited to 10 acts of obstruction of justice on the basis of which over 1,000 prosecutors have said that any other person would be indicted. In this country nobody is above the law and all the insults and silly unsubstantiated conspiracy theories cannot change that fact. This president should be removed from office. Rob Wittman should be held accountable for his failure to stand up for the rule of law. November 2020 is coming when the American people will stand up to a lawless president and his Republican enablers by voting them out of office.


Never read the comments, I tell myself, and yet time and time again I fail to heed my own advice. Everything in this letter is fact and yet one person labels it hyper-partisan. It says something about Trump supporters that they see opposition to Russian interference in our election as partisan. Shouldn't all Americans be concerned about past and future meddling in our elections? And what's with the comment about puppies and kittens in cages? If the reference is to child detention, I would hope we could all agree that there is a difference between putting animals in cages and putting children in cages. Many people crate train their dogs but if you crate train your child, I suspect you'll get a visit from CPS. I trust that Dr. Trout's clients will stay with her for the excellent veterinary care she provides. Her patriotism is an added bonus.


Ah, the superior Democrat has arrived to lecture and attempt to admonish and shame those of us with a different point of view – all delivered with a good dose of sanctimony. I love your “above the fray” introduction and then how you proceed to traipse over those opinions you deem offensive. You can’t be wrong, can you? I get it, you hate President Trump and you can’t for a moment believe that the Mueller report was written by a bunch of biased, partisan hacks looking to smear him and his campaign. When I read this opinion, it struck me as being full of hysterical theatrics – hilarious, in other words – and so I responded with humor. And I see others did as well. Didn’t find it funny? Who cares?


Interesting that you think it's "hilarious" that the Russians interfered with our elections. Or do you not believe this fact? Whether or not the president actively colluded with Russia, it is also fact that he and his campaign welcomed the help. If you think this is "fake news" I'd suggest you try watching/reading something other than Fox News and other right wing outlets (perhaps PBS or the BBC). Personally, I think the smears against Mueller are reprehensible. To claim that this man, who has devoted his life to serving our country, is a partisan hack is baseless. Just because you don't like the findings, does


Also, presumptuous…I knew I forgot something.

Linda Ward

Yes, who cares, Just in Thyme. Hate Trump, no. He is only a symptom of the disease that has infected this country.


How many cats and dogs must forego treatment on Wednesdays while you idly watch Democrat-run witch hunts and read partisan attack opinion papers? Think of all the kitties and puppies locked up in cages. The horror!


Smart move Doc.

With your rabid partisanship fully on display you just alienated half (or more) of your potential client base.

Fauquier doesn't have a Republican Congressional Representative by accident.


I watched that sitcom called the Muller puppet show as well. It was painful to watch a man that has been diminished by time be put into a position of such great importance. To anyone watching, it was clear, he had little to do with this report. There was NO CRIME committed therefore no further investigation to be done. Again, as in the Kavinaugh confirmation, Democrats once again throw away the Constitution and ignore the rule of law. Never in the history of this nation has anyone NOT BE EXONERATED by a court of law. No judge or jury has ever returned a verdict of .... we think the defendant is guilty but cant prove it. Democrats ignored previous statement by Muller that the LOC was not a factor in his decision. I ask you Mr. Democrat, who do you want to investigate you. An impartial panel of investigators with no ties to any groups, or a panel of your enemies that have shown disdain for you. Such was this case. There was NO obstruction committed. The president could fire Muller if he wanted, he has the legal right to do so and not obstruct an investigation because another person would replace him to continue. Democrats are tilting at windmills. The irony is that they are the ones that mocked the president for his answer to the question of accepting the outcome of the election. Further, Putin would be out of his mind to want Trump to win because if Hillary had won there would be a pushover for a president, Obama 2.0. The question is.... who is lying? Stay tuned because Pandoras box will soon be opened. Yes Virginia, there is a deep state.


Is Mz Heather normal?


Actually, that's Dr. Heather. Why is it necessary to denigrate those with whom you disagree? If you truly put America first, you too would be concerned about Russian interference in our election. 19 intelligence agencies agree this happened in 2016 and WILL happen again if we don't act.


I call upon anyone on the left who can offer credible reasons why no democrat was indicted during mueller's witch hunt. Come on, the russians gave 145 million dollars to the clintons and nothing to Trump.

But all we hear are these insane accusations against President Trump - the latest which are really a howl! Cummings has been the representative of a rat infested, crime laden, third world war zone - and who do the savants on the left blame? the guy who points out how horrible inner city democrat run war zones are.


“We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Libbies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? — Is he in h ell, That demmed, elusive Orange Pimpernel?” P.S. Don’t look now, but I think there’s a Russian under your bed. P.P.S. I’m not sure being a vet lends much credence to your political opinion, but I know what does… JustinThyme, Th.D., or Doctorate in Thinkology as conferred upon me by the Wizard.


Good comment just in Thyme.


Very brave of you to hide behind your username while calling others names (the author at least had the courage to write and sign her letter).

Linda Ward

Just in Thyme has gone once again under his tin hat via his game controller. Next he/she will find BigFoot and proclaim it to the world.

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