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Since coronavirus precautions really took hold here on Friday, we know you are dashing into the store to buy provisions; you are burning up the internet trying to complete work assignments and maintain social connections; your kids are somewhere between thrilled at a two-week break from school and devastated because all of their activities have been canceled.  

We are right there with you.  


Our front door on Culpeper Street is locked. Our receptionist is answering the phones between jumping up to let delivery people come in and drop their parcels. 

Inside on Tuesday, we were still working, but starting Wednesday, work-from-home will be the norm. We’ll cover meetings remotely much of the time, but when we are there in person, we’ll be among the few who absolutely, positively, have to be here. 

There’s good news, though. If ever we were prone to take for granted the trust you have in the Fauquier Times, any doubt has vanished over the last week. 

When we put a button on our website to curate all the COVID-19 stories, you said thank you for making it easy to find the latest local news. When we began to list closings, cancellations and postponements all in one place, you shared your news with us, and we were able to share with your neighbors. We have received several notes saying how much that is appreciated.  

The challenges we face now loom large, like the ones you face.  

We want to be able to provide the news you need to navigate this crisis, to stay safe and healthy, to work and feed your family. 

Please help us to do that by staying in touch and letting us know what you’d like to see covered. Since we won’t be seeing you at the planning commission meeting or on the soccer field for a while – and the curbside pickup line is not conducive to chit-chat – we are asking you to let us know what you are concerned about. 

Our town, county and school officials are working hard to put new systems in place so they can keep providing the services we all need. Is there something that isn’t working, or something that is working exceedingly well? Let us know. 

If your neighborhood is working together to care for kids or hosting a fun Facebook Live event, let us know. 

If your postal delivery person makes a point to check on an elderly person along their route, let us know. 

Local businesses are going to have to get creative. Some are already using out-of-the-box thinking to provide goods and services to residents. If your business is trying a new approach, let us know and we’ll help you spread the word. 

David Jeck, superintendent of schools, described the COVID-19 pandemic as unprecedented. That means that are going to be situations – for all of us – that come up that we haven’t planned for. 

If we know anything about Fauquier it is that we are people who want to help. If you’ve got a problem, there is someone who wants to help you figure it out. Let us know about your challenges and your problem-solving techniques. 

And course, if you have news, plain old news, not coronavirus news, we’d like to hear about that, too. 

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Thank you! I do rely on this paper for local news. One suggestion: this is a good time to put a vegetable garden (or those of us who are old-school think so :)) . But many people don't know how to do that now--and even a container garden can be very productive. If there is someone on staff who could write a gardening column about growing vegetables locally, that might be something interesting to read--and an antidote to all the more challenging news.

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