Transportation -- primarily cars and trucks for most Virginians -- is essential for everyday life. But vehicles can be dangerous; in 2017 there were 843 deaths and 65,306 injuries on Virginia highways. In the interest of public safety, we regulate both drivers and vehicles, such as licensing for specific types of vehicles as well as annual inspections.  

Additionally, along particularly hazardous stretches of road, we erect guardrails to further reduce the likelihood of a fatality. As a society we go to great lengths to preserve life and limb, while recognizing the essential need for transportation. 

But where are the guardrails to further reduce the likelihood of gun-related injuries and deaths? If we acknowledge that not everybody should own a gun, why not a “red-flag” law? If a madman could shoot fewer people with a smaller ammunition clip, why not limit the number of rounds? Gov. (Ralph)  Northam’s proposed commonsense gun laws are the guardrails we need for public safety.  

Scott Christian 


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The problem with your guard rail idea is that we already have laws that make MURDER and other actions unlawful. They still occur. You see it's that slippery slope thing. You give a little and then it's a little more and a little more until it's all gone. Bank robbers don't care if robbery is illegal, drunks don't care if driving intoxicated is illegal. The bottom line is your guard rail only infringes on MY RIGHTS. Your idea is like saying to prevent auto related death we can only drive bumper cars traveling at no more than 5 MPH. The red flag law will be abused, that you can bet on. The only thing that actually works is allowing law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Gun free zones only attracts the criminality insane to maximize their kill rate. That my friends is the reality. It's time to pull your head out of the sand and realize bad people do bad things. Stop blaming gun owners for the cause. They passed stringent background check in order to purchase their guns. Killers don't have background checks or morals to know killing is immoral.

Tell It Like It Is

No more gun control! Gun control does not work. Red Flag laws are completely unconstitutional. This this publication has never posted any article on behalf of the many legal and law abiding firearm owners, collectors and sportsman. Seems a bit one sided to me.


great idea Scott...…...Governor Northan has the political will to stand by his common sense gun legislation. No one is trying to take everyone's gun away, just high powered weapons......and subject all to background checks!!!


Nice cover for Northum. Is he still sporting the KKK robes, and do his friends still call him coonman?

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