Taylor Middle teachers cover lockers with love


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Cameron Jones

I believe you will find these truths to be self evident; There are fewer guns per capita in 2023 than 1975.

There are more fractured families in 2023 than 1975.

Violence is far more glamorous and accepted in popular culture in 2023 than 1975.

There is a political Party in this country that divides and angers people, particularly young people, and that Party routinely uses violence against those who disagree with them.

The difference between 1975 and 2023? It’s the nature of the Democrat Party, and their acidic effect on our society, particularly our children.

Violence in America is not a gun problem, it’s a people problem. Its’s your sons, not our guns.

If Democrats and their children would stop killing people, we’d have the crime rate of Sweden.


Well said


I’d like to clarify I was commenting on mr jones’ post. Well said mr jones


Amen Cameron. Hat tip.

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