Hope Porter

Hope Porter of Warrenton speaks to the Warrenton Town Council about the proposed Amazon data center.

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I guess those 4 council members and mayor for some pretty big Amazon gift cards.


Moderators - I would like an explanation why my previous posts have been deleted. My post follows all the forum rules. What is the/your problem?


Why does my post keep being deleted??? It follows all the forum rules!

was at the Town Council meeting last night from 6:30 to 2:45am. Warrenton residents - your Council failed you and the 4 "yes" voters (plus the Mayor) are giving the appearance that this process was unethical and had obvious conflict of interest. They refused to share the emails of potential evidentiary value with the citizens. They refused to share the emails with the other Council members prior to the vote. They refused to listen to the hundreds of people who demanded this issue be put to a special Town referendum for a popular vote by Town residents! There have been 4 or more public comment sessions during which the vastly overwhelming majority of comments vehemently opposed this Special Use Permit based on factual, aesthetic, legal, health, property values, and procedural reasons. The Council members who voted "yes" for the Data Center completely ignored public opinion. They may as well have spat in our faces. This whole process has been conducted with obvious ethical conflict of interest problems present, a lack of transparency, and obvious confirmation bias by the Council members who are supporting Amazon. There were more signatories on the various petitions opposing this data center approval then there were voters in the town council elections that voted for all of the council members combined! Yet the 4 members (plus Mayor Carter Nevill) who supported Amazon completely ignored the clear will of the town. Shame on Council member Heather Supthin who "participated" in last night's meeting via phone and referred to unnamed "silent majority" people who supposedly support the data center proposal, yet she refused to go on the record to name these supporters, yet all of us who spoke at the meeting to voice our opinion were required to give our name and address for the record. These Council members are hiding what has really transpired and it is my view they don't care about residents health, our property values, or our opinions. They have willfully ignored that government is OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. I am saddened to see this terrible development for our beloved town of Warrenton. Last night was a wonderful display of civic participation and passion from those opposed to Amazon, and a shameful display of the worst of local town political shady actions by our Town Council. Shame. Shame. Shame. Voters won't forget this.


The facts were very clear: (1) the SUP application was incomplete and not eligible for a vote, just as the Planning Commission had determined; (2) The Staff appraisal was incredibly incomplete and failed to address any of the application's weaknesses; and (3) Trying to enforce gaping holes in Ordinance will just lead to frustration and endless noise infractions. Meanwhile, Amazon sat smugly in the room and gloated while their pawns threw their careers and self-esteem out the window. If people had any doubt it should be very clear that this group (dubbed "the 4Hs") has now exiled themselves permanently from the public's interest and will stop at nothing to destroy what the rest of us consider as invaluable. They are all up for election in 2024, and let's send them packing. "It's not over until we say its over."


Great job, council! Thank you for putting us citizens in our place! I can't wait to see what other proposals you'll approve in the name of making Warrenton unliveable.


There have been many comments and views expressed on this topic by the residents of this county/town, and they have rejected this proposal. There are four members of the council who will not be reelected who have approved this motion. The council's job is to represent the citizens they lead, but they have failed miserably. The residents should file lawsuits against this project and the members of the town council who voted to approve it and hold them accountable. As a result, we will be able to elect officials who are not cowards and do not bow to big corporations, but who lead with their heart and brains and speak and act in the interests of the people. This is not over and perhaps those who voted in favor have lawsuits brought against them for not following the law, which states that we the people of Warrenton/Fauquier are in charge, and you are our representation; at which you have failed miserably and legally.


From day one it appeared the deal was done with Brandie Schaeffer giving Amazon the go ahead with the property purchase. SMH Those emails apparently are the key......


First thought is what's the process for impeachment of the mayor. Second thought is what's the process into investigating the 4 that denied the board members being able to see the emails. Lastly what is the process to have those 4 removed from the council?


I agree. Litigation is the next step. Let's hold this up in the courts and then elect officials who can represent the people, and not the special interests of the big corporations. We need leaders who have heart and intelligence to be the voice and vote of the people.

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