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As COVID-19 cases in Texas, Florida and Arizona and California are soaring, Virginia is keeping a lid on new cases. The state added 624 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, June 26, and 677 cases on Saturday, but since then has been able to remain below 600 new cases a day. Five hundred and ninety-eight were added Tuesday morning, according to the Virginia Department of Health. 

The state’s seven-day positivity rate is still trending down as well. It stood at 6% Tuesday. In total, Virginia has had 62,787 cases to date, with 6,203 hospitalizations. The death toll in the state is 1,763, with 105 of those deaths labeled probable for the coronavirus. 

Locally, case numbers have been relatively steady. The positivity rate for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Health District hit a low of 2.7 Tuesday morning, and the local district has not had a new outbreak of cases for several weeks. 

Fauquier, after holding steady at 417 for several days, added three new cases Tuesday. Hospitalizations were at 26 for several weeks, until Tuesday, when one more person was hospitalized. Fauquier has been reporting six deaths for several weeks as well. 

The RRHD held a free testing event Saturday, June 20, but did not see a spike in cases as a result. When Culpeper held a similar event, cases rose significantly several days later. Dr. Wade Kartchner, health director of the RRHD explained, “The main difference is that Culpeper's testing was done specifically looking to test ill persons. The Fauquier testing was open to all comers. If you test people who are sick, you'll find cases. If you test those who are not, you won't.” 


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