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UPDATED: Nathan Larson backs Wexton after dropping his controversial bid for Congress, Wexton declines his endorsement

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Nathan Larson

Nathan Larson, a "red pill libertarian" from Catlett, has entered the race for the 31st District delegate's seat.

Nathan Larson, a Fauquier County resident who made national headlines in May when he admitted to being a pedophile while declaring his candidacy for Congress, dropped out of the race Monday, citing a July burglary of the Catlett home he shares with his parents.

Larson, 38, was running as an independent for the 10th District congressional seat now held by U.S. Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Republican.

In an Aug. 13 blog post that has since been made private, Larson endorsed Comstock’s Democratic challenger, state Sen. Jennifer Wexton, in the November election. Wexton spokesman Ray Reiling, however, said the senator would not accept Larson's endorsement and called his views "abhorrent."

"We do not under any circumstances accept Mr. Larson's endorsement. His views are abhorrent and we strongly condemn them," Reiling said in an emailed statement.

During a brief telephone interview Monday, Larson said burglars entered his family’s  home through an unlocked door July 18 and stole computer equipment, including hard drives and memory sticks. 

Larson said he suspects the members of the “Anonymous” hacking group were responsible for the burglary because they left behind a note and a U-lock bicycle lock, which he said is signature symbol of the group.

“I was pretty much forced out of it,” Larson said of his candidacy in brief telephone interview Monday evening. “My home was burglarized by people claiming to be from the Anonymous hacking group.”

Larson then cut the conversation short, saying “I gotta go,” before abruptly hanging up.

Larson said the burglary was reported to the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, which was confirmed by Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. James Hartman Monday. But Hartman could not immediately confirm the details of the burglary report.

Among reasons Larson gave for endorsing Wexton, D-33rd, were that Comstock “continually takes the side of career women, e.g. by pushing legislation against sexual harassment, rather than advocat[ing] that women should be in the home where they will be protected by male family members.”

“It’s supposedly the role of a member of the Republican Party — the whiter and more conservative party — to defend our culture against decay, not hasten the decline,” Larson wrote. 

Larson also speculated that Democrats would be more likely to legalize marijuana to the benefit of what he calls “incels” and “vocels,” slang for men who are involuntarily and voluntarily celebate.

“Many incels and volcels could end up devoting much of the remainder of their lives to LDAR’ing,” Larson wrote, using a slang term for “laying down and rotting.”

“Given that feminism has destroyed much of the incentive for male success by rendering relations between the sexes so dysfunctional, there will be many men with decades of basement-dwelling [and] vidya-playing … ahead of them; and they could benefit from some relatively harmless copes such as cannabis,” he added. “After all, it’s not like they have a wife and kids … they’d be neglecting by spending their time getting high.”

Larson also argued that electing Democrats to Congress would “accelerate” a backlash by right-wing voters.

Larson is a perennial candidate as well as a controversial one. 

A convicted felon, Larson was sentenced in 2009 to 16 months in federal prison and three years of supervised release after he pleaded guilty to charges related to emails he sent threatening to kill the president.

Larson sent emails to the U.S. Secret Service in December 2008, stating, “I am writing to inform you that in the near future, I will kill the president of the United States of America,” according to an October 2009 press release issued by the United States Attorney’s Office in Colorado.

Larson was living in Boulder, Colorado, at the time of his arrest. After serving his sentence, Larson moved to Catlett to live with his parents and work as a contract accountant.

Larson last ran for office in 2017, when he filed as an independent in the 31st District Virginia House of Delegates race. Larson garnered 1.68 percent of the vote in a contest won by Del. Elizabeth Guzman, a Democrat from Woodbridge.

Larson declared himself a “red pill Libertarian” during that campaign but was disavowed by the Libertarian Party of Virginia because of his controversial and anti-feminist views, which included calls to legalize marijuana and child pornography and to discourage women from seeking a college education, which he said results in their “wasting” prime child-bearing years.

In announcing his candidacy for Congress in May, Larson made national headlines by admitting he is a pedophile and by acknowledging he created now-defunct websites and, chat rooms for pedophiles and “violence-minded misogynists,” according to Huffington Post.

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Concerned citizen

What a slime ball. We used to put people with mental disorders in institutions. Now they are running for office, go figure.
I do wonder why he did time for threatening to kill President Obama, but all the people and celebrities that have threatened to kill President Trump and blow the White House up are still running free. The hypocrisy continues to grow.


Please stop giving this disgusting individual publicity.


What is the legal proceedings for a self proclaimed pedophile being required to register?

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