Kathleen Davies ivermectin

Grace Davies with her mother Kathleen Davies.

Kathleen Davies with dog

Kathleen Davies in happier times with her dog.

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Faquier Hospital, It's really quite simple. Ivermectin is an eminently safe drug; it could help Mrs. Davies survive; and, it is wrong to deny her and her family the opportunity to try. If you had not stood in the way of Mrs. Davies and her family and allowed her to receive this eminently safe drug, none of the administrative/legal complications you take issue with would have ever arisen. Fauquier Hospital, you created this situation. I hope you don't do this to other patients and their families.


Ivermectin is on the World Health Organization's "Model List of Essential Medicines." It is on that list for its use in humans, not for its use in animals. Ivermectin is a medicine for humans. The fact that it is used for animal health in no way negates its use for human health. https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/WHO-MHP-HPS-EML-2021.02


Don't know what all the fuss is about...if she wanted to take ivermectin ...then she should be allowed to take it...a wonderful drug that keeps all those heartworms away from all my dogs...but i must say one of the dogs died recently from seizures as a result of taking ivermectin.

Dan McGee, MD

Choosing amongst available treatments that are accepted as standard of care is a right of patients, and it is best for physicians to review patients' choices with them. Forcing doctors, hospitals and nurses to give non standard of care treatments is NOT a right of patients, nor should it ever be. This opens the door for all sorts of bad treatment decisions and practices. This includes "Hail Mary" treatments as done as a last resort that available good quality research does not support. As a physician I of course have been disappointed that some of these medications such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have not worked. I even volunteered and exposed my own body to hydroxchloroquine in a properly designed clinical trial to help test its usefulness. A lot of people are calling their home Web Searches "research" these days. Browsing on the Web is NOT medical research, don't mistake it for that. Properly designed medical research will reveal which of the new medications being created DO work (and perhaps one or two old ones), do not allow our desperation at this time to override good medical practice and allow outside patients, charlatans and unqualified practitioners to override standard of care medicine.


Dan. You, and the rest of the doctors around here rock. Thank you.


The hospital personnel trying to block this woman treatment that could help her is horrible. Also disturbing are the actions of the attorneys representing the hospital. The hospital attorneys are trying to help their client achieve something that is clearly very wrong. It is wrong to deny a sick person medicine that could help them -- and trying to obfuscate the real issue by focusing on technicalities is also wrong. Sometimes, you need to tell your client, "No." People are more important than money - all the time.


What is happening around the country is on a scale that no one had ever imagined happening in a country founded on freedom. Kathy has the right to try Ivermectin, considering her current state of health and this falls in line with what the FDA states in their 'Right to Try' ruling: https://www.fda.gov/patients/learn-about-expanded-access-and-other-treatment-options/right-try

This article on Kathy mentions that alot of people are using the horse version of Ivermectin to treat Covid, while this has been promoted alot in the media, this isn't accurate. I was able to get the pill version for human consumption from Walmart in Warrenton before they stopped stocking this, then I got it from another pharmacy in warrenton, before that pharmacy stopped selling it. At the moment, the closest pharmacy that will sell Ivermectin, is Roanoke Virginia.. nearly 3 hours away!

This is criminal and there is no reason for it. My family did get covid and they took Ivermectin and recovered quickly from the Covid, several of them had Covid Pneumonia and fully recovered with the Covid Protocol of Ivermectine, the Nebulizer with Budesonide, ect. All of this should be provided by Fauquier Hospital. What blows my mind is that since Covid came out, the hospitals have all stopped treating patients with a nebulizer with albuterol and budesonide, if patients were treated with this, it would resolve their lung issues with the Covid within days/weeks and in my opinion, no one would need to be hospitalized. I know this from past experience, I was one of the first people to get Covid in Feb 2020 and I survived it with using the Nebulizer with Albuterol, it was truly the worst illness I have ever had, but taking that nebulizer treatment every 2 hours, got me through the worst lung infection I've ever experienced.

Kathy needs to be treated, the family has a right to treat her and people need to call Fauquier and demand that she be treated.

This is solely my own personal opinion, but here what I think the real reason as to why they are refusing to treat her. If Kathy is treated with Ivermectin and IF she recovers.. it will prove that the drug works and all of the families of people who needlessly died at Fauquier Hospital, will be outraged at the death of their loved ones and this will result in a lawsuit against the hospital. At the end of the day.. this all boils down to money, lawsuits, ect. It has nothing to do with actually taking care of Kathy. My personal doctor told me recently that if I got Covid, not to go to Fauquier Hospital, because they'd kill me. I believe it now!


Would you be willing to share the pharmacy in Roanoke? I was told today that none would fill an Rx.

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