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The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office has been publicizing the #9PMROUTINE.

Fauquier County sheriff’s deputies went door to door in Bealeton Tuesday morning, checking cars and talking with residents, after several homeowners reported that their unlocked cars were broken into last night. 

A deputy talking to residents on Tibert Court said that no money or other valuables were reported stolen, but some cars had been rummaged through, and in several cases, the glove compartment had been left open. 

FCSO spokesman James Hartman said that Reynard Fox Lane, King Noble Court and Grimbert Court were also targeted. 

He added, “At this point, the only thing we can find missing is a pair of gloves. However, if citizens that did not connect with law enforcement this morning find they were a victim or if anyone finds other property missing, they may contact the sheriff’s office at 540-347-3300.” 

Additionally, any homeowner in the targeted area in Bealeton who has a security camera can call the sheriff’s office if they would like to share security footage from the evening of Feb. 10 through the early morning of Feb. 11.

Hartman said that the FCSO has been using social media, mostly on weekends, to remind citizens to lock their cars. It’s called the 9 p.m. routine. It means you set a 9 p.m. reminder so that you remember to hide valuables and lock doors, especially on vehicles, he said. 

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