Warrenton Town Hall

Warrenton Town Hall.

Warrenton Town Manager Brandie Schaeffer announced Wednesday morning that she is closing all public access to Town Hall until April 2. She added, "In response to the [state] guidelines for the next 15 days to 'slow the spread' and avoid gathering in groups of 10 or more, access to Town Hall is fully limited until April 2. Employees will continue to work and will use electronic means to communicate with the public."

All town meetings have been canceled as well. Any scheduled items are moved to next month’s agenda, said Schaeffer.

The measures are in effect for the next 15 days, when the town will reassess, she said.

She explained, “This inconvenience now will help to reduce the spread and ensure the town remains operational."

"During this limited access period, staff is still here to serve the citizens and businesses through digital means and will make themselves available in person on a case by case basis,” said Mayor Carter Nevill.

To ensure the continuity of town operations, all employees who are able to telework will do so, effective immediately, and all at-risk employees who are not deemed essential by their supervisor have been asked to telework, effective immediately, Schaeffer said.

Key operations in each department will continue with reduced staffing and scheduled rotations to reduce employee interactions that could spread the virus.

The WARF and Visitor Center remain closed; all town buildings are closed to public access.

Parks and Recreation staff have canceled all sporting leagues and have taken steps to post safety signs in the parks. There will be no renting of park pavilions, and citizens are asked to not gather in these areas. Playground equipment will be posted with safety warnings and patrons will be encouraged to participate in passive recreation by walking and using the fields for personal play.

Schaeffer said, "At this time, we are not closing any parks, as we believe the ability to get out in the fresh air is important to everyone’s health. This is an evolving situation, so we appreciate your patience as we respond to changing conditions."

She concluded, "There are still more questions than answers at this time, but know that the town is focused upon ensuring the ongoing ability to meet the needs of our residents. The situation is unprecedented, but we remain confident that the plans we have in place are minimizing the negative impacts and working to further ensure everyone’s safety."

For the most current information regarding the status of any town facility, service, or event, residents may visit the town’s website (www.warrentonva.gov), Facebook page, or call the main phone number (347-1101).

Information regarding the coronavirus may be found by contacting the Virginia Department of Health: Virginia Department of Health website: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/surveillance-and-investigation/novel-coronavirus/ (877) ASK-VDH3. 

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