Melody Dawn Glasscock homicide bealeton

Melody Dawn Glascock

The case of the woman accused in the June 18 stabbing death of Kelly Gray in Bealeton will go before a grand jury next month, after an Oct. 15 hearing in Fauquier County General District Court. Melody Glascock, 55, of Linden, is charged with first degree murder and attempting to solicit a third party to commit murder. Wearing a blue prison jumpsuit, Glascock was present in the packed courtroom Thursday but did not speak.

The prosecution called three witnesses, with Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Amy Cassandra asking questions of witnesses to establish a timeline of the alleged events leading up to the evening of June 18.

During his own questioning, Glascock’s attorney Mark Williams at times tried to cast doubt on the alleged timeline of the murder and questioned whether the witnesses had first-hand knowledge of Glascock’s alleged actions and motivations, since no witness claimed to have seen the stabbing itself.

At the conclusion of the hearing, Judge Gregory Ashwell ruled there was enough evidence to certify to a grand jury the charges of first-degree murder and soliciting a third party to commit murder.

Marie Dawn Embrey bealeton murder kelly gray

Maria Dawn Embrey

James Samuel Embrey III bealeton murder kelly gray

James Samuel Embrey III

Maria Embrey and her son, James Embrey, both of Stephens City, will also appear before a grand jury next month; both are charged with being an accessory to a first-degree murder after the fact in connection with the June 18 homicide. Both Embreys waived their right to a preliminary hearing Thursday.

No witness spoke directly to Glascock’s possible motives, but Kelly Gray’s husband testified he and his wife were in a three-way romantic relationship with Glascock’s ex-girlfriend. When Maria Embrey later took the stand, she said Kelly Gray had cheerfully called Glascock “Mel” and invited Glascock into the apartment June 18.

A third witness testified that Glascock had earlier the same day asked him – in great detail -- to kill both Kelly Gray and her husband. He said that when he refused to carry out the murder on her behalf, Glascock said, “I can’t handle both of them, but I can take care of that b----.”

Maria Embrey testified she and her son, James Embrey, met Glascock in a Marshall parking lot, drove Glascock to Warrenton -- where Glascock purchased a knife in the presence of both Embreys -- and then drove to the Bealeton apartment complex. Maria Embrey said Glascock did not tell her or her son the purpose of the trip to Bealeton.

But after returning to the Marshall parking lot where Glascock left her car, the Embreys drove to Glascock’s Linden home – supposedly to let Glascock’s dogs outside. While they were at Glascock’s home, testified Maria Embrey, Glascock said she (Glascock) had “killed that b----.”

‘I want you to kill some people for me’

“I was at work when she called me. She told me she wanted a favor,” said a man who testified Thursday that, less than two hours before Kelly Gray was stabbed to death in her Bealeton apartment, Glascock had asked him to kill both Kelly Gray and her husband on Glascock’s behalf.

The man said Glascock had been a “friend of the family for quite a few years” and she arranged a meeting with him in a Bealeton parking lot between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. June 18. While they sat in his vehicle, “She said, ‘I need you to kill some people,’” the man testified, adding that Glascock had specifically told him those “people” were “Mr. and Mrs. Gray.”

He testified that Glascock described in detail how she would like him to kill both Kelly Gray and her husband. He should knock on the Grays’ apartment door, he testified Glascock told him, which would most likely be opened by Kelly Gray’s husband; he should stab Kelly Gray’s husband in the chest and then again in the back as he tried to run away.

The man testified that Glascock said he should enlist the help of his wife and a friend so that -- after he had killed Kelly Gray’s husband – they could hold down Kelly Gray while the man slit Kelly Gray’s wrists, “to make it look like a murder-suicide.”

Glascock, the man said, offered to kill anyone “he needed gone” if the man agreed to kill the Grays, he testified.

When asked how he responded to the request, the man said, “I told [Glascock], ‘F--- no. Get out of my truck.” He apologized to the judge for cursing.

‘She said she needed to talk to Kelly’

Maria Embrey testified Glascock called her June 18 and asked her and her son to meet her in a parking lot in Marshall, which they did about 6:15 p.m.

The Embreys had known Glascock for about 20 years, Maria Embrey testified, but had recently become closer acquaintances; Glascock had come to the Embreys’ home for dinner several times recently.

Glascock asked the Embreys to drive her to Bealeton, “but [Glascock] didn’t really name a specific reason why she needed to go there,” Maria Embrey said. Without explanation, Glascock took both Embreys’ cell phones before they left the Marshall parking lot, leaving Glascock’s vehicle there.

With James Embrey driving, the three went from Marshall to a Warrenton store, which Glascock and the Embreys entered together. Glascock bought a knife, Maria Embrey said, adding “[Glascock] said she needed a knife to cut a watermelon with.”

When they arrived at the Bealeton apartment complex, she testified that Glascock asked both Embreys to come to the building with her. Maria Embrey said Glascock asked James Embrey to stay at the bottom of the stairs to look out for Kelly Gray’s husband’s truck, while Maria Embrey would accompany Glascock to the apartment itself.

“[Glascock] said she needed to talk to Kelly,” Maria Embrey testified. Glascock carried a plastic grocery bag with her to the apartment. “There was something in [the bag],” Maria Embrey said, but said she wasn’t sure what it was.

Maria Embrey said Glascock knocked on the apartment door. “Kelly said, ‘Oh hey, Mel,’ [to Glascock]” Maria Embrey testified, and Kelly Gray told Glascock to come in.

Maria Embrey said that at this point, “I turned around and walked out.” When pressed on why she did this, Maria Embrey responded, “[Glascock] had told me she was going to talk to [Kelly Gray]” and that Glascock had told Maria Embrey to go wait in the car.

Glascock was in the apartment for “no longer than five minutes,” Maria Embrey testified, and Glascock “acted normal” when she came back to the Embreys’ car. Maria Embrey said she did not know whether Glascock carried anything out of the apartment.

“I did hear [Glascock] say, ‘I f----- her up,’” after returning to the car, Maria Embrey testified. Glascock and the Embreys then traveled back to the Marshall parking lot where Glascock had left her car.

Maria Embrey testified that at this point that Glascock asked the Embreys to drive to Glascock’s Linden home to let Glascock’s dogs outside. Driving separately, Glascock made it back to the Linden residence before the Embreys.

Both Embreys went inside Glascock’s home, where Maria Embrey used the bathroom. When Maria Embrey was in the bathroom, “Melody [Glascock] came in and asked if there was blood on [Glascock],” Maria Embrey testified.

Glascock told Maria Embrey that the woman in the romantic relationship with the Grays had called Glascock a few minutes before, Maria Embrey said, adding Glascock said she (Glascock) “killed that b-----.”

‘I found Kelly lying on the ground’

On June 18, Kelly Gray’s husband testified, he arrived home from work about 5:30 p.m., which is about an hour earlier than is typical. He left the apartment about 6:45 p.m. to go run errands in Bealeton, leaving Kelly Gray, along with the woman with whom the couple were romantically involved, in the apartment. He left the door to the apartment unlocked -- as was normal -- he said.

He was away from the apartment for “maybe 20 minutes,” he said. When he returned, he “found Kelly lying on the ground at the entrance of our bedroom.” Kelly Gray did not have a pulse – “it wasn’t anything” – and said he saw “multiple wounds on her” and “quite a bit of blood.”

He said he tried to resuscitate her, having received some first aid training previously. About the same time, he called 911 and then called the woman with whom he and his wife were romantically involved.

Under cross examination, Glascock’s defense attorney pressed Kelly Gray’s husband on why the husband called the woman in addition to 911, a line of questioning that seemed intended to cast doubt on the husband’s motives. Williams even suggested the husband called the woman before calling 911, a claim the husband quickly contradicted.

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