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Cindy Burbank of the Woods at Warrenton is one of many homeowners whose garage door openers mysteriously stopped working all the same time.

Garage door openers that were working one day but not the next has some residents of Warrenton mystified and frustrated.

“When we came back and tried to use the garage door opener it wouldn’t work,” said Cindy Burbank, a resident of the Woods at Warrenton. “If we get very close to the door it will open.” The garage door can also be opened using the panel control inside the garage.

The problem started two weeks ago and Burbank is just one of about 70 residents of the Olde Gold Cup, Silver Cup and the original Gold Cup subdivisions with the same problem.

“We are aware that there is an issue and we are researching the potential source of the problem with the help of our local and federal partners,” said Interim Warrenton Police Chief Timothy Carter.

The federal Warrenton Training Center became the focus of speculation; some residents felt it might be the source of the problem.

“For most of those affected, the garage door opener does still work but only when the remote is placed close to the opener,” Carter said.

“Affected homeowners can try to reset the frequency (choose another) of their garage door opener, as the symptoms suggest that the problem is radio signal interference,” Carter suggested.

Burbank said the garage door installer she called about the problem told her that “he’s gotten a dozen calls and his diagnosis is that something is jamming the frequency. He can’t fix it.” Replacing a garage door opener can cost a homeowner $400.

Burbank said she posted her problem on an online ListServe neighborhood discussion and started seeing posts from others who were being affected.

Richard Holland said he’s become the “point person” for residents in the Silver Cup community venting about the problem. He said he knows of “nine people clumped together on Iron Bit Drive” that have the same garage door opener problem. He said he’s heard from someone in Old Gold Cup that more than 70 are affected there.

Holland said he hasn’t been affected.

“One of our residents did some research and learned this can happen when government facilities change their frequency. Older [door opener] models are mostly affected. That’s pretty much the gist of what I heard,” Holland said.

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Concerned citizen

The Warrenton Training Center has been here a lot longer than any of these communities. This is what happens when developers are allowed to build in close proximity, and real estate agents don't have to disclose potential problems during sales. So sad buyers don't do any research before completing the sale, then expect everything to be changed to make them happy.

These are the same communities that don't want a long planned Parkway put in to bypass Broadview Ave., because it wasn't clearly explained to them during sales negotiations.


Not just gold cup affected...Whites Mill has same problems


Same exact issues with our garage door. Opener was replaced yesterday. I wish I read this article prior to doing that. I live a mile from the Training Center. Maybe send our bill there?


Our garage door opener had the same issues. Had the garage door repair company out yesterday and had the opener replaced. Sure wish I would have read this article prior to replacing it. We live about a mile from the Training Center. Wonder if I can send the bill there for reimbursement?


So I am wondering what is wrong with my garage door opener. Exact symptoms as described in the article. But I live in Amissville. Whatever is jamming the frequencies must be pretty strong.


This is happening in South Wales too. I know of at least 9 houses experiencing the problem in the neighborhood and i'm sure there are many more.

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