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The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office acknowledges the anxiety that many residents feel about the impending closure of U.S. 29 in New Baltimore, scheduled for July 8 to Aug. 2. Sgt. James Hartman, spokesman for the FCSO, said, "there is a lot of concern for the detour routes and other secondary roadways that will be affected by this closure for the next three weeks until August 2. The Sheriff’s Office has a comprehensive plan in place with the goal of monitoring these detour routes and secondary roadways and keeping them open and safe."

The Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office is providing law enforcement support to the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Virginia State Police for the Route 29 “Cut the Hills” project.

The collaborative effort will dedicate sheriff's deputies to various traffic control points and to respond to traffic incidents in the impacted area. In addition, deputies will monitor all impacted roadways to include alternative routes and those with “truck restrictions," Hartman said.

Sheriff’s deputies will be assigned to patrol secondary roadways during the project and will strictly enforce traffic laws, he added.

He cautioned, "While our goal is to keep the roadways open and safe, travelers and commuters can expect to be impacted and should prepare accordingly. We are counting on your help during the 'Cut the Hills' project to keep traffic moving. If you see or experience something that unnecessarily impedes the flow of traffic, please call our non-emergency line at 540-347-3300."

The FCSO anticipates that the construction will be finished on schedule, said Hartman.


Lee Highway/Vint Hill Road will be closed from July 8 to Aug. 2 (scheduled) the closure will be established at the intersection of U.S. 29/Riley Road.

Southbound traffic on Route 29 will not be affected by the closure.

The Route 215 (Vint Hill Road) intersection will remain open for traffic turning left from Route 29 southbound or from Route 215 onto Route 29 north or south.

Local traffic traveling north on Route 15/29 will be able to access all commercial and private entrances south of the project site.

Detour Info:

Traffic with destinations north of Route 215 should use the signed detour route: From Route 15/29 north at Warrenton, take Route 17 north toward Marshall; from Route 17, take Interstate 66 east to Gainesville.

Restricted Truck Routes

Some secondary roads will be restricted: all trucks above three axles and tractor truck/semi-trailer combinations (i.e., tractor trailers) will be temporarily restricted along Route(s) 245 Old Tavern Road, 628/674 Blantyre Road, 600 Beverley’s Mill Road, Route 600 Broad Run Church Road and 602 Rogues Road in accordance with the Code of Virginia section 46.2-1104. The restricted roads are:

Old Tavern Road/Rt. 245

Blantyre Road/Rt. 628

Beverley’s Mill Road/Rt. 600

Broad Run Church Road/Rt. 600

Rogues Road (between Dumfries Road and Vint Hill Road)/Rt. 602

VDOT’s Highway Safety Patrol Unit will monitor and assist motorists on I-66 and north of the detour area.


VDOT will have temporary traffic monitoring cameras placed at the following locations:

I-66/James Madison Highway/Vint Hill Road/Broad Run Church Road

James Madison Highway/Old Tavern Road

James Madison Highway/Blantyre Road

John Marshall Highway/Beverleys Mill Road

Lee Highway/Riley Road

More information



Questions may be directed to the non-emergency number 540-347-3300 or to sheriff.info@fauquiercounty.gov

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