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A Fauquier County Sheriff’s deputy was placed on administrative leave Thursday in connection with a Virginia State Police investigation into an allegation the deputy took a firearm from a family member, according to Sgt. James Hartman, sheriff’s office spokesman.

The incident was reported to the state police because the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office was informed over the summer that the deputy was involved in "a civil domestic situation involving divorce proceedings," Hartman said.

“To be impartial and transparent, Sheriff [Bob] Mosier instructed the Emergency Communications Division to refer any and all calls for service involving this deputy to the Virginia State Police,” Hartman said in a news release.  

Recently, the state police contacted the sheriff’s office regarding the report of the stolen firearm. The firearm was private property and in not in any way associated with the sheriff’s office, Hartman said.

On Thursday, Dec. 13, a state police officer came to the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office to interview the deputy about the reported theft, Hartman said. 

To avoid any conflict of interest, the deputy was placed on paid administrative leave, “in conformance with policy,” Hartman said.

“Fair and impartial law enforcement is and has been the standard operational procedure for your sheriff’s office,” Hartman said in a press release. “If the law has been violated, the person will be held accountable.” 

The identity of the deputy is being withheld pending the outcome of the Virginia State Police Investigation, Hartman said. 



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