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Teacher Steve Potucek talks to student Claire Scaring about her horticulture project.

Fauquier County Public Schools have taken a step toward bringing some students back to campus this fall. Second- and third-year students in automotive technology, auto body repair, building trades, electricity, cosmetology and nursing will return to campus two days a week for face-to-face, hands-on instruction.

Cosmetology is being offered at Kettle Run High School and Liberty High; all other programs are held at Fauquier High School. Transportation is not being provided. Career and technical education students not comfortable being in the building or students without transportation are being offered alternative assignments that can be completed remotely. All of the proposed courses are two-block classes; the face-to-face sections will be followed by a lunch break to allow students to travel so they can participate in their regular remote classes. 

Level 3 students began lab sessions this week; level 2 students will begin in October. Students will be assigned lab days (synchronous days) and the other two days students will work independently in online modules toward their certification (asynchronous days). Teachers will maintain their office hours for questions and will be available for their level-one students as usual.

Half of students will attend face-to-face classes Mondays and Tuesdays; the other half will attend face-to-face classes Thursdays and Fridays, leaving Wednesday available for deep cleaning of the labs between groups.

Facial coverings will be mandatory. Upon arrival, students must complete a health screening modeled after the one that high school athletes follow. Other rules will apply as well. Students must:

  • Only enter and exit assigned doors during predetermined times.
  • Keep their belongings in their designated work area. 
  • Remain in their classrooms/labs and may not visit any other classrooms or offices in the building. 
  • Only use the designated restroom for their class and may only go one at a time. 
  • Not visit the vending machines and should eat prior to the start of class – breaks for water will be permitted in designated areas. Students must bring drinks from home. 
  • Students may not change groups once classes begin. 

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