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Fall clean-up week for the Town of Warrenton is scheduled for the week of Oct. 21 to 25. Town trucks will provide extra collections in all residential areas to pick up trash, refuse and other items that cannot be handled on the regular weekly refuse schedule. All items are to be placed on the street by 8 a.m. of the day scheduled. No return trips can be made. 

All trash and refuse must be placed in proper containers. Tree trimmings and brush must be placed separately. Small clippings from bushes or shrubs, leaves and grass should be bagged and placed with regular refuse. All metal must be separated from wood and placed separately. 

Town crews will notpick up tree trimmings and brush cut by tree companies and/or contractors; that is the responsibility of the contractor/company doing the work. 

The town will pick up tires, but there is a fee of $3 per tire. 

Car and pickup truck tires can be collected, but nothing bigger than a standard pickup truck tire. To have tires picked up (with or without rims) residents must pay $3 per tire (the amount the county landfill charges). Residents may call Warrenton’s Public Works Department at 347-1858 in advance to make arrangements. If the fee is not paid in advance or no arrangements have been made, the tires will not be picked up.  

Questions may be directed to Public Works. Details about which day pickups will be accomplished in specific areas will be in the town’s newsletter, the Town Crier or on the town’s website (warrentonva.gov).

The town will not pick up:

  • Anything with Freon, (A/C units, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, refrigerator, freezer)
  • Dirt, rocks, sod, stumps and large logs
  • Concrete – blocks, bricks and slabs, and no masonry products
  • Mattresses or box springs
  • Televisions
  • Computer monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, battery packs
  • Liquids, such as chemicals, paint, antifreeze, etc. Paint cans that are empty or dried up, they will be collected if the lids are removed.

Some of the bulleted items listed above can be disposed of or recycled at the landfill; there are fees to dispose of some of them. For more information on the cost or when you can take any of the items listed to the landfill, the Fauquier County Waste Management Office can be reached at 422-8840.

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