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A new ABC store on Main Street in Warrenton would occupy the ground floor currently occupied by Carson Land Consultants. 



The state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is in the process of negotiating a lease to open a retail ABC shop at 45 Main St. in Old Town Warrenton. 

The store would occupy the ground floor currently housing Carson Land Consultants. Carson would move upstairs, the town’s architectural review board was told Thursday. 

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The two-story brick building at 45 Main St. was built in 1926 and was formerly occupied by a clothing store and a furniture store. 

Though the ABC doesn’t yet have a lease, “we are moving forward on all aspects simultaneously to make the process as efficient and expeditious as possible,” explained Valerie Hubbard, senior public relations specialist with the ABC. 

The ABC is seeking a certificate of appropriateness to mount a display sign on the outside of 45 Main St. The ARB reviews proposed changes within the town’s historic district. 

The ABC sign would measure about 1 ½ by 4 feet and use an existing bracket on the building to hold it. 

ARB member Carole Hertz said she thought the red and blue ABC logo looked “very bold.” 

William Henley, the ABC’s facility design and permit coordinator, responded that the ABC is flexible when it comes to the design and color of its signa. 

“We’re willing to change it to make it look good,” Henley said. 

Board member Laura Bartee suggested, “maybe you can find something more subtle.” Board member Kevin Roop said he’d like to see three or four sign alternatives. 

Henley will be returning in September with options the ARB can view at the next meeting. 

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Concerned citizen

How quickly everyone has forgotten that a previous Town Council voted 6-1 to create a new Town Center on Walker Drive. There are plenty of reasons why most places do not want a Town Center near their Old Town shops, but Warrenton's did. By the time the Town puts in more bumpouts and removes more parking spaces on Main St., we can look forward to it becoming a ghost town. The new Town Center will have much more convenient parking.

Hopefully building owners on Main St. will be able to lease their storefronts to non-retail businesses like Carson, so they can continue to maintain their property.

The Nomad Rider

Although I question the viability of an ABC store on Main Street, it is at least, retail. Retail shoppers stop at other nearby shops and improve the health of the entire district.

Carson has as much right to rent the space that it has had for a number of years as anyone but it is NOT a good fit for a retail district - shame on the landlord for allowing this low traffic business tenant in a prime retail space and contributing to the decline of Main Street retail. Hopefully the ABC store will help reinvigorate the retail shops.

Linda Ward

Hmm...I don't know if this fits in there. Sounds like a done deal though.

Carl Zitzmann

More appropriate location than the space that became the Open Book. I might suggest a retro treatment of a window sign hearkening back to the 40's/50's era. The typical Commonwealth gold and bold lettering that used to be so common...

Linda Ward

Those are wonderful suggestions. Something more fitting for old town.

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