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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation has created an Emergency Response Fund. The fund has been established to assist 501(c)(3) nonprofits or public service entities that provide a community service and are experiencing a hardship due to the Covid-19 crisis, a press release reads.

NPCF Executive Director Jane Bowling-Wilson said in the release, “We knew that a local philanthropic response was critical and we wanted to be prepared … These are unprecedented times and we are assessing how we can help daily.”

To apply, agencies may compose an email letter addressed to NPCF, Emergency Response Fund, and send it to:

The letter should provide:

  • The organization’s name, EIN number, address and contact information.
  • The short-term implications for the organization due to the COVID-19 crisis and the anticipated long-term (three months or more) effects on the organization.
  • A simple budget that highlights the need for funding. Funding amounts will vary and NPCF staff members recognize that funding needs may change.

If awarded, organizations may reapply in one month, or sooner if there are extenuating circumstances.

The NPCF will respond to funding requests within one week of the request. Agencies may email or call 540-349-0631, ext.1 or 3 with questions.

Because this is an evolving situation, the press release states, award amounts and further criteria will be adjusted as needed.

The press release states that the fund “will operate in partnership with local governments, schools, other foundations and the private sector to address current and emerging needs and will work to strategically fill gaps in support.

“…In addition to health concerns, the pandemic for many will result in loss of income and limited access to food, supplies and education. Public emergencies such as this tend to be disproportionate in their impacts. We are deeply aware that the needs for some in our community will be critical... We must invest in each other, now more than ever, to provide support for others and alleviate the community-wide effects of this historic crisis.”

Bowling-Wilson added, “Thanks to the PATH Foundation and several donors for kick-starting this community funding.”

Information for donors and nonprofits may be accessed at

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