Nurse Valarie Tyree gives a man a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during "Senior Weekend" at Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Feb. 2 

Starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16, the Commonwealth of Virginia will launch a statewide vaccine pre-registration system at This will be a centralized website for all state residents to pre-register for vaccines. The state site will replace the site operated by the local health district, but anyone who has already registered through will be incorporated into the new site.

April Achter, population health coordinator for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Health District of the Virginia Health department explained what the new system will mean for residents seeking a vaccine. She said, “Individuals who have already filled out our survey form will automatically be transferred into the new system. You will maintain your place in the queue, and won’t be giving up your place in line. Starting Tuesday morning, you will also be able to search this system to ensure your name is included.”

For those who have not already registered through the RRHD survey form, she said, “disregard our form, and visit to pre-register.”

She said, “If you are a business: this change will not affect businesses that have completed the Phase 1a/1b Essential Worker Survey. RRHD will continue to manage vaccines for essential personnel.”

Achter added that the RRHD registration survey will no longer be active beginning Friday, Feb. 12, at 5 p.m. to allow for the transition to the new system. She emphasized, “If you haven’t yet registered, please wait until Feb. 16 at 8 a.m. and use the new system at”

Dr. Danny Avula, chief of Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccine response, said Friday afternoon that the state will also operate a call center hotline at 877-275-8343. It will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, with staff available to help those who don’t have computers or have difficulty using them. Seven hundred and fifty call center workers will offer help in Spanish and English and will have access to translators for other languages as well.

He said operators will be able to answer questions and help callers sign up for vaccinations. “This will help relieve the local health districts,” he said.

He also explained that the state system will send weekly updates to residents who have registered and have a mechanism where residents can log in to see where they may be in the system. He said that local health districts would still be managing vaccination administration for their localities, but would be using the list generated through the state site.

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