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Lea Pagliuca is keeping Warrenton drivers honest. 

Drivers in the Town of Warrenton have been having a bit of a free ride for months because the town has not had a parking enforcement officer. Not any more.

Lea Pagliuca started work the last week in July and after a couple of weeks in training, she’s fully up to speed. She said right now she is mostly giving out warnings for a first parking offense; the second time a car is found overstaying its welcome in a town parking spot, the owner will be charged $10. Costs keep going up for future offenses. 

Residents can pay tickets online or at Town Hall.

Pagliuca said she’ll also issue citations for expired registrations or inspections or for parking in front of a hydrant or too far from the curb. 

Warrenton Interim Police Chief Tim Carter said that Pagliuca is a part-time town employee, but her hours will not be the same every week. 

She may be seen out at any time of day or any day of the week, but she won’t be chalking tires. Carter said that she is using technology – like a very large cellphone – to keep track of which cars are where and for how long.

Pagliuca, 46, lives in Gainesville with her two dogs. She said she loves her new job. Being outside, she said is a plus, and the position suits her. “I’m a follow-the-rules kind of person.”

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