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A map charts by zip code initial claims for unemployment insurance during the week ending July 4.

Unemployment claims filed during the week ending July 4 rose in both Fauquier County and Virginia as a whole despite the easing of some pandemic restrictions as the state entered Phase 3 of Gov. Ralph Northam's reopening plan.

Initial claims – representing workers who were approved for benefits for the first time after having been laid off – stood at 109 in Fauquier County, up from 100 a week before. Continued claims – filed those whose initial claims were approved previously and who remain unemployed – also increased fractionally to 2,015, up six from the previous week.

Overall, 5.7% of Fauquier County’s labor force filed an unemployment claim during the week ending July 4. (Labor force data is measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the most recent data for Fauquier County and Virginia was gathered in mid-May.)

The week-over-week rise in the number of unemployment claims was more pronounced in Virginia as a whole, and the employment situation in Fauquier County continues to be much better than the statewide average.

During the filing week ending July 4, initial claims by Virginia residents were essentially flat at 31,825. However, the number of continued claims rose by 3.2% to 378,607 during the same week, meaning that a total of 9.5% of Virginia’s labor force received unemployment benefits that week.

The increase in the number of continued claims in the latest filing week follows a 26% week-over-week increase in the number of initial claims filed by Virginia residents during the filing period ending June 27.

However, the number of initial claims has substantially declined from the peak during the week ending April 4, when 147,369 Virginia residents filed an initial claim, including 1,029 in Fauquier County.

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