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The Virginia Coalition for Immigrant Rights met Jan. 15 to push for two bills that would benefit undocumented immigrants.

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Concerned Virginian

Regardless of your political stance... how can one honestly defend giving licenses to illegal immigrants?!?! Let me say that again... Illegal Immigrants. What is the argument for supporting this? This somehow makes sense to some people out there. I would really like to hear a logical argument for this.

We have got to stop and hold our officials accountable for absolute stupidity like this.

Concerned citizen

Undocumented immigrants- also known as illegal aliens. Now our legislators want to give them a drivers license and free community college tuition at my expense.

How about these undocumented immigrants do what they are supposed to do and enter this country legally like so many have had to do before them. All these Democrat legislators see gaining future votes.


What part of illegal do these people not understand?

Pols/Libs have spent the better part of the last 3 years WASTING OUR MONEY investigating a Billionaire that became a Politician.

The money would be better spent investigating how LIFE LONG POLS became Millionaires while on the Public Payroll NO matter what their political affiliation is.

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