On Tuesday, Nov. 19, at noon, Yak Lubowsky, president of the Fauquier Historical Society and Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail handed over ownership of a fully restored 1966 Ford Galaxie to Sheriff Bob Mosier of the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office. 

In October 2017, a donor purchased this car in North Carolina for the Fauquier Historical Society. Over time, funds were raised through private donations and the car was restored to closely resemble the original 1965 Ford Galaxie presented to the Sheriff’s Office by the Wachtmeister family of Warrenton – the sheriff’s office first vehicle.  

Mosier was positively giddy as he accepted the car. It has been a pet project for the sheriff’s staff and he was eager to thank the many folks who had a part in the restoration, all the people who helped to find replacement parts and those who did the work. He also thanked Commonwealth’s Attorney Scott Hook, Warrenton Town Manager Brandie Schaffer, Town Councilman Bob Kravetz (Ward 5) and Supervisor Holder Trumbo (Scott District) “for recognizing the importance of these community outreach projects and for supporting us in this endeavor.” 

He revealed a well-kept secret about the car as he talked to the crowd. Apparently, then-sheriff Luther Cox accidently locked himself in the back seat during a snowstorm. Back then, the car had a cage to protect deputies while transporting prisoners. Cox had to reach through the bars with his nightstick to honk the horn until help arrived, said Mosier.  

The car’s new legacy will include appearing at local events and being a part of the FCSO’s outreach to the community.

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