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In anticipation of Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 5, six local organizations are working together to host a series of three Fauquier candidate forums.

The first will be held from 7 to 9 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 18, in Liberty High School’s auditorium in Bealeton. Local journalists will ask questions, including those from citizens the night of the forum or by email in advance.

The forums will not include unopposed candidates. Voters this year will elect all five county supervisors, all five school board members, four constitutional officers — commonwealth’s attorney, county commissioner of revenue, sheriff and treasurer — and all state legislators.

Candidates at the Sept. 18 forum will include:

In the 27th District Virginia Senate race - Sen. Jill Vogel (R) and Ronnie Ross III (D) 

Running for the 88th District of the Virginia House of Delegates - Del. Mark Cole (R) and Jessica Foster (D)

Running for the 31st District of the Virginia House of Delegates -- Del. Elizabeth Guzman (D) and D.J. Jordan (R) 

A second forum will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at the Marshall Community Center and will include:

Running for the 18th District of the Virginia House of Delegates -- Del. Michael Webert (R) and Laura Galante (D)

In the race for Marshall District supervisor -- Supervisor Mary Leigh McDaniel (I); challenger Paul Petrauskas (I) declined to participate.

The final Candidates Forum will feature all local races. It will be held Wednesday, Oct. 2, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Taylor Middle School. The forum will include: 

Candidates for commissioner of the revenue -- Eric Maybach (R) and Angela Smith (I) 

Candidates for the Scott District school board seat – Supervisor Chairman Suzanne Sloane (I), Shelly Norden (I) and Michael Hammond (I)

Candidates for the Center District school board seat -- Rachel Bongiovi (I) and Susan E. Pauling (I)

Candidates for the Lee District school board seat – School board member Donald L. Mason (I) and Stephanie E. Litter-Reber (I)

The 2019 Fauquier Candidate Forums are co-sponsored by: the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce, the Fauquier Farm Bureau, the Fauquier County Bar Association,, the Fauquier Times and Fauquier Channel 1.

To submit a question for the forum, residents may email, being sure to include details about which candidate/race each question applies to.

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In Short: Michael Webert is of and from Fauquier County. He is sincere, straightforward, and trustworthy. His opponent, Mz. Galante, is a nice, personable, friendly and clever carpetbagger, driven by agendas and fueled by foreign money.

DJ is a Hero, business owner, loyal and personable, dedicated to the northern piedmont. Guzman is a “sanctuary” promoting, abortion into the nth trimester supporting, open border believing, gun grabbing far leftist.

I’d trust Eric Maybach with my property and money. He’s a dedicated, Family man, honest till the cows come home. I wouldn’t leave a bag lunch in a company break room if Smith had access to it.

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