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Fauquier County Public Schools has expanded its options for meal service this month to meet the needs of families, the school division said in a news release.

Free meals are available to any Fauquier County child between ages 2 and 18 because of a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture decision enabling school divisions to offer free meals to children through Dec. 31.

Hot meals are now available for pickup Monday through Friday at 16 Fauquier County schools. Pre-packaged meal bundles, comprised of five breakfasts and five lunches, are now available to pick up via a drive-thru service at nine schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Brumfield Elementary School on Saturday mornings.  

FCPS will also deploy 14 school buses to deliver meal bundles to 66 locations on Tuesday mornings. 

All meals are free for any student between the ages of 2 and 18. 

FCPS will offer hot meals Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to noon at the following school locations. Families are encouraged to call ahead to order meals.

Brumfield Elementary


          Mary Walter Elementary.


Coleman Elementary


          Auburn Middle


Grace Miller Elementary.  


          Cedar Lee  Middle


Greenville Elementary


          Marshall Middle


Pearson Elementary


          Warrenton Middle


MM Pierce Elementary


          Fauquier High 


Ritchie Elementary


          Kettle Run High 


PB Smith Elementary


          Liberty High 



Meal Bundles

Meal bundles include five breakfasts and five lunches and are available through drive-through service and bus delivery.

Drive-thru service

FCPS cafeterias will provide meal bundles via drive-thru service at the following schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Pearson Elementary
  • Claude Thompson Elementary
  • Mary Walter Elementary
  • Auburn Middle
  • Cedar Lee Middle 
  • Marshall Middle
  • Warrenton Middle
  • Fauquier High
  • Liberty High

Families can also pick up meal bundles at Brumfield Elementary School on Saturdays from 10 to 11 a.m.

Bus delivery

FCPS buses will deliver meal bundles to 66 locations on Tuesday mornings according to the following schedule. Buses will wait between five and 20 minutes at each stop.

1. Route from Kettle Run High to stop for Hunsberger Drive townhomes – Bus #14

a. 10:05 – Aiken Drive at  Hunsberger Drrive  (30-minute wait)

2. Route from Auburn Middle to stops within Warrenton Lakes and a stop at PB Smith Elementary – Bus #165

a. 10:08 – Goochland Street at Westmoreland Drive (10-minute wait)

b. 10:19 – Westmoreland at Rockbridge Street (10-minute wait)

c. 10:30 – King William Street at Nordix Drive (10-minute wait)

d. 10:41 – Nordix Drive at Princess Anne Court (10-minute wait) 

e. 10:54 – P.B. Smith (20-minute wait)

3. Route from HM Pearson Elem to Zoar Baptist Church on Elk Run Rd & Hearts Delight Church on Brent Town Rd – Bus #2

a. 10:10 – Zoar Baptist Church – 11036 Elk Run Road  (20-minute wait)

b. 10:35 – Hearts Delight Church – on Tom’s Way off Brent Town Road  (20-minute wait)

4. Route from Warrenton Middle to Orlean Fire Dept on Leeds Manor Rd – Bus #30

a. 10:05 - Curtis Street at Sharp Street (10-minute wait)

b. 10:15 - Taylor Street at Douglas Street (10-minute wait)

c.10:48 – Orlean Fire Department (30-minute wait)

5. Route from Marshall Middle to stops within the Town of Marshall – Bus #85

a. 10:06 – Whiting Road at Quincy Street (five-minute wait)

b. 10:12 – Market Street at Hudson Circle (10-minute wait)

c. 10:25 – Frost Street at Harrison Court (10-minute wait)

d. 10:37 – 8441 Salem Ave. at Windy Hill townhomes (10-minute wait)

e. 10:50 – Marshall Annex/Library  (20-minute wait)

f.  11:19 - The Plains Episcopal Church parking lot (15-minute wait)

6. Route from Liberty High to Marsh Run Community – Bus #61

a. 10:06 - Coffman Circle at Marsh Run Drive (15-minute wait)

b. 10:22 - Coffman Circle at Cooper Avenue (15-minute wait)

7. Route from Liberty High to Marsh Run Community – Bus #38

a. 10:05 – 11742 Thomas S.t

b. 10:10 - Mailboxes on Coffman Circle (20-minute wait)

c. 10:33 – Coffman Circle at Scott Circle

8. Route from Cedar Lee Middle to Remington area – Bus #176

a. 10:09 – Lucky Hill at Piney Lane (two-minute wait)

b. 10:11 – Cedarwood Drive at Helm Drive (five-minute wait)

c. 10:17 – McHenry Court at Riverton Court (10-minute wait)

d. 10:31 - Confederate Boulevard at Flag Rock Drive (five-minute wait)

e. 10:37 – Battle Ridge Drive at Fort Union Drive (10-minute wait)

f.  10:50 – Wankoma Mailboxes for houses 110-130 (five-minute wait)

g. 10:56 -  Wankoma Mailboxes for houses 7620-7693 (10-minute wait)

h. 11:08 - Center Street at Second Street (two-minute wait)

i.  11:12 - MM Pierce Elementary (20-minute wait)

9. Route from Cedar Lee Middle to Blake Ln & Southcoate Village – Bus #133

a. 10:04 – Blake Lane at Rugby Drive (five-minute wait)

b. 10:09 – Blake Lane at Huntland Drive (10-minute wait)

c. 10:22 – Southcoate Village Drive at Constitution Way (five-minute wait)

d. 10:27 – Southcoate Village Drive at Eagle Court (five-minute wait)

e. 10:33 – Southcoate Village Drive at Callie Jo Court (five-minute wait)

f.  10:40 - Edgewood Drive at Maplewood Drive (five-minute wait)

g. 10:46 - Maplewood Drive at Falling Creek Drive (10-minute wait)

h. 10:58 - Cedar Lane at Forbes Place (five-minute wait)

i. 11:04 - Crest Lane at Belfrys Court (10-minute wait)

j. 11:15 - Meadfield Drive at Waterdale Court (5-minute wait)

k.11:21 - Torrie Way (10-minute wait)

10. Route from FHS to stops within the Town of Warrenton – Bus #135

a. 10:04 – 95 Keith St. (10-minute wait)

b. 10:19 – 394 Jackson St, apartments (15-minute wait)

c. 10:38 – Calhoun St at Academy Hill Apartments (10-minute wait)

d. 10:49 – Academy Hill Road at Amber Circle (10-minute wait)

e. 10:59 - Academy Hill Road at Sterling Court (10-minute wait)

f.  11:12 - Lee Street at Leeds Court townhomes (15-minute wait)

g. 11:28 - Falmouth Street at Aviary Court (10-minute wait)

11.   Route from Bradley to stops within the Town of Warrenton – Bus # TBD

a. 10:01 – Hastings Lane at Oak Tree Lane  (15-minute wait)

b. 10:20 – Highland Common Apartments at pool area (15-minute wait)

c. 10:40 – Haiti Street  (15-minute wait)

12.   Route from Grace Miller to stops around Bealeton area – Bus # TBD

a. 10:03 – Willow Drive at Willow Place  (10-minute wait)

b. 10:14 – Willow Drive at Aspen Way  (10-minute wait)

c. 10:24 – Aspen Club at Village Center Drive (10-minute wait)

d. 10:42 – Clarkes Meadow at Logan Jay Drive (10-minute wait)

e. 10:53 – Clarkes Meadow at Logan Jay Drive (10-minute wait)

f.  11:12 – Lees Mill Road at Willowspring Lane (two-minute wait)

13.   Route from Ritchie to surrounding area stops – Bus #TBD

a. 10:06 – Grapewood Drive at Sunrise Court (15-minute wait)

b. 10:30 - Chestnut Oak Lane at Warwick Lane (10-minute wait)

c. 10:42 – Chestnut Oak Lane at Silver Maple Court (10-minute wait)

d. 11:01 – Pilgrims Rest Road cul de sac (15-minute wait)

e. 11:23 – Old Bust Head Road at Snow Mountain Road (10-minute wait)

14.    Route from Thompson to surrounding area stops – Bus #TBD

a. 10:06 – Rock Hill Mill Road and Zulla Road (15-minute wait)

b. 10:40 – Piedmont Child Care Center – Upperville (15-minute wait)

c.  11:06 – Delaplane Post Office (15-minute wait)

Families should contact their student’s school or the school nutrition office at 540-422-7220 with any questions or concerns. 

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