VPA awards April 6, 2019

Fauquier Times staff members accepting awards at the Virginia Press Association awards included, from left, Evelyn Cobert; Jeanne Cobert; Taylor Dabney; Jill Palermo; Catherine Nelson, publisher; Sawyer Guinn; Kathy Godfrey; Cindy Goff; Annamaria Ward and Renee Ellis.

The Fauquier Times swept all three top awards for weekly newspapers in its circulation category at the annual Virginia Press Association awards in Norfolk on Saturday, April 6. 

The Times won the "news sweepstakes," the "advertising sweepstakes" and the “grand sweepstakes" awards for its achievements in both news and advertising.

The Times staff, contributing writers and photographers won a total of 49 statewide awards, including 24 for news coverage and 25 in advertising design and presentation in 2018.

News staff members and contributing writers and photographers won 11 1st place prizes, seven 2nd place awards and six 3rd place awards.

1st place awards went to:

  • Peter Brewington and Jeff Malmgren for sports pages
  • Karen Chaffraix for health, science and environmental writing
  • Taylor Dabney for page design, general makeup and sports pages
  • Sawyer Guinn for a Virginia Gold Cup video
  • Randy Litzinger for sports feature photo
  • Len Shapiro for feature story writing
  • Anita Sherman for business and financial writing
  • Chris Six for general makeup
  • Doug Stroud for feature photo
  • John Toler for a feature writing portfolio
  • Annamaria Ward for editorial cartoons

2nd place award winners included:

  • Taylor Dabney for the Virginia Gold Cup special section and page design
  • Cindy Goff for photo illustration
  • John Hagarty for health, science and environmental writing
  • Jeff Malmgren for sports portfolio
  • Betsy Parker for the Virginia Gold Cup special edition
  • Annamaria Ward for illustrations
  • Chris Six for informational graphics and Virginia Gold Cup special edition

3rd place awards went to:

  • Peter Brewington of sports writing portfolio
  • Karen Chaffraix for general news writing
  • Angele Cipriotti for multimedia report
  • Taylor Dabney for combination picture and story and informational graphics
  • Sawyer Guinn for multimedia report
  • Randy Litzinger for combination picture and story
  • Betsy Burke Parker for combination picture and story
  • Doug Stroud for breaking news photo
  • Chris Six for multimedia report

Fauquier Times advertising staff won 12 1st place awards, eight 2nd place awards and five 3rd place awards

1st place awards went to:

  • Taylor Dabney for the following categories: real estate; professional/technology services; online; self-promotion; education, churches and organizations; special sections (Fauquier Readers’ Choice Awards); small space ads and automotive
  • Renee Ellis for lifestyles
  • Kathy Godfrey for real estate, special sections (Fauquier Readers’ Choice Awards) and automotive
  • Cindy Goff for the following categories: self-promotion, special sections (Fauquier Readers’ Choice Awards), lifestyles and fashion & personal care.
  • Liliana Ruiz for digital and professional/technology services
  • Kate Sprague for online
  • Heather Sutphin for fashion & personal care 
  • Annamaria Ward for digital

2nd place awards:

  • Jeanne Cobert for small space ads
  • Taylor Dabney for food & drug
  • Renee Ellis for home & garden and fashion & personal care
  • Kathy Godfrey for real estate
  • Cindy Goff for self-promotion; home & garden; real estate; education, churches and organizations; 
  • Liliana Ruiz for digital advertising 
  • Len Shapiro for food & drug
  • Heather Sutphin for education, churches and organizations
  • Annamaria Ward for small space ads; fashion & personal care and digital advertising

3rd place awards:

  • Taylor Dabney for real estate 
  • Kathy Godfrey for real estate
  • Kate Sprague for professional/technology services
  • Heather Sutphin for education, churches and organizations and digital
  • Annamaria Ward for entertainment; education, churches and organizations; professional/technology services and digital advertising




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