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Superintendent of Schools David Jeck

Since Gov. Ralph Northam ordered all K-12 schools in Virginia closed from Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 27, information about the situation locally is being slowly released by the Fauquier County School Division. The schools were closed after the governor declared a state of emergency over the COVID-19 virus threat.

The latest information can be found at; Jeck is also releasing information through the school division's Twitter account at @fcps1news or @drjeck. This is what is known as of Sunday afternoon.

According to School Superintendent David Jeck, FCPS school buildings will be open from 9 a.m. to noon, Monday, March 16, for students who need to retrieve personal belongings or textbooks.  

Jeck said, "We will send families an email tomorrow [Monday] to clarify how students can expect to access supplemental learning materials if they have not received instructional packets yet from their schools. The email will also include how these resources can help students stay connected to learning while our schools are closed."

He added that the school division is arranging for some form of instruction to take place during the closing. He said, "The state superintendent has asked that no school division rely on the web as the primary source of instruction," because some students do not have access to reliable internet service. 

Jeck said that the school division has extended the grade due date for teachers to finalize grading and grades for the third nine weeks. The new report card distribution date will be sent out later in the week. 

He clarified in a Twitter post Sunday morning: "Grad dates are not impacted at this time, all contracted employees will continue to be paid, arrangements to provide meals during closure are being made."

An FAQ section on the school website read: “After discussion among high school principals and central office staff, the current exam exemption policy is suspended until further notice.... Any FCPS high school student with a final grade of A or B will be exempt from their final exam(s) in May. This continues to include students who have passed the W!SE exam and an SOL assessment related to courses they are presently taking. We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you apprised of any additional changes.”

Jeck said that no decision has been made about spring break yet.

He promised more information would be forthcoming.

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