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Two club members re-attach an American flag that blew off the rock they painted to say, “Never Forget.” Front right, Celeste Pollack, YAF club president.

Fauquier High School junior, Celeste Pollack, 16, of Jeffersonton, didn’t think her school was doing enough to commemorate 9/11 in recent years. “They only mention it over the loud speaker." So this year, she and her cohorts in the Young Americans for Freedom club “part of a 501(c)(3) that instills conservative, constitutionalist values,” installed a memorial on school grounds.

Overseen by teacher Tyler Walker, the initiative received flags from the YAF Foundation and paint was purchased with money from an unrelated fund-raiser. Club members installed a field of flags and painted the school rock in Monday afternoon’s rain, and arranged for TAPS to be played Tuesday morning over the intercom.

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FHS Young Americans for Freedom Club members placed 2,994 flags around their painted rock in memoriam of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Pictured from left to right are Tyler Walker (teacher sponsor), Celestial Shaw, Lily Picassi, Gage Russell, Nicola Tressler, Savannah Hess, Chris Kiser, Celeste Pollack, Nick Campbell, Jason Crawford, Ethan Apfell, Jake Trimble and Florence Lamirand (teacher sponsor). 

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