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Denver Riggleman

Rep. Denver Riggleman is doing a “fantastic job” representing Virginia’s 5th District and “whatever feelings individuals may have about this one action does not and should not take away” from that, said the chairman of the Fauquier County Republican Committee. 

Chairman Greg Schumacher was asked by the Fauquier Times to comment about the Cumberland County Republican Committee approving a motion of no confidence in Riggleman on July 29. The motion cited as reasons his officiating a same-sex marriage and lack of support for stronger border security and immigration policies. 

The Cumberland County committee was chaired by Diana Shores, who backed one of Riggleman’s opponents for the Republican nomination for the seat last year, according to the News & Advance in Lynchburg. The 5th District includes much of Fauquier County and extends to the North Carolina border. Shores is moving to Prince Edward County and the July 29 committee meeting was her last, according to the News & Advance, which also reported she failed to get the larger 5th Congressional District Republican Committee to pass a no-confidence vote on July 27. 

Riggleman’s communication director, Joe Chelak, issued a statement saying “Congressman Riggleman participated in a wedding for two of his friends and campaign volunteers who asked him to officiate. The congressman was happy to officiate their wedding and he is proud of these two young people who found their life partner. Congressman Riggleman has full confidence in the district committee and applauds their decision to continue to make the Republican Party an inclusive party of liberty and freedom for everyone.”  

Expanding on his “big tent” comment, Schumacher added, “Folks who are in broad agreement with our principles may both disagree on and carry different levels of passion about specific issues. The assertions by a few that Congressman Riggleman is weak on border security and immigration tells me they are either misinformed or have an agenda." 

Riggleman visited the U.S.-Mexico border just last week. In a Facebook live video shot on the New Mexico side of the border, he said more barriers, people stationed at them and technology are needed to provide more secure borders. 

The Fauquier committee chairman said he only received two calls about the issue after the story broke. 

“Wading into the resolution fray at this point is counterproductive,” Schumacher added. 

Dirk Wyckoff, vice chairman for membership for the Fauquier County Republican Committee, said he was in agreement with Schumacher’s statement and that “I fully support Denver Riggleman.” 

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Linda Ward

I would be more likely to vote FOR Mr. Riggleman due to his actions of treating human beings as individuals. Since I'm not a Republican that is unlikely to happen though.

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