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Bonnie Zacherle

Growing up Bonnie Zacherle always wanted a pony.

The daughter of an Army veterinarian, she spent part of her childhood in Yokahama, Japan, where she got to know a Korean pack pony named Nicker.

While she never owned a pony of her own, heading up the preschool design department for Hasbro Industries in 1983, she designed My Little Pony as well as redesigning Mr. Potato Head.

A Warrenton resident for more than 20 years, Bonnie continues to glow in the sparkle and positive energy created by her designs decades ago.

A television series launched in 2010 called “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” caught the toy company by surprise.

Themes of strength, support and unconditional love resonated beyond young girls creating a fan base among adult and teen males known today as “Bronies.”

Attending the Hasbro 25th anniversary of My Little Pony held in Rhode Island some years ago, she was amazed and humbled how the “ponies” have become integral parts of many lives offering inspiration, comfort and connection.

From the drawing board, Bonnie’s dreams of pony ownership took flight and while the closest she’s come to owning her own is caring for her niece’s, she smiles when she thinks about the dazzling herd of My Little Ponies worldwide that continue to delight their owners.

Bonnie has taught art at St. James Episcopal School and Allegro Community School of the Arts, enjoys illustrating children’s books, and offering private classes.

She’s available for large and small group parties or presentations about the origins of My Little Pony. For more information, you can contact Bonnie Zacherle at

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